The Stranger

The Stranger

Wilson of the War Crimes Commission is seeking Franz Kindler, mastermind of the Holocaust, who has effectively erased his identity. Wilson releases Kindler's former comrade Meinike and follows him to Harper, Connecticut, where he is killed before he can identify Kindler. Now Wilson's only clue is Kindler's fascination with antique clocks; but, though Kindler seems secure in his new identity, he feels his past closing in.

An investigator from the War Crimes Commission travels to Connecticut to find an infamous Nazi. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony I (br) wrote: Shep Gordon. Perhaps a deity for the rich and famous? He's such a true inspiration, and a gentleman. He deserves to be the center of his own sect of the Jewish faith. Let's face it, it'll be bigger than Kabbalah. Sheptology. Finally, we would have a celebrity-based faith that isn't pure evil.

Kevin H (fr) wrote: This was a decent thriller that at the end (even through the beginning of the credits) turned out not to be as predictable as I thought in the beginning of the movie. This was a new take on the Michael Myers story worth renting.

Darrin C (fr) wrote: Oldschool Eddie Murphy that provided some good laughs and smartass humor only he could execute properly.

William F (ru) wrote: What else can I say that hasn't already been said about this film? It's a holiday classic with lots of laughs and heart, along with a great cast and great music.

Dave R (mx) wrote: there were a few scenes i liked in this (the flying elvises) but on the whole it was too ridiculous. watch at own risk.

Kimberly K (ru) wrote: This movie was really funny!

Laura S (br) wrote: Qu le pasa a Disney D:?!?!anyway quiero verla xD

Jesse O (gb) wrote: This is a good movie, albeit one that is no better or worse than I was expecting. I realize that may sound like a compliment but, in a lot of ways, it isn't. I don't know, I was just expecting the film to surprise me and it would actually end up being great, but it isn't at any point. Perhaps I shouldn't complain since the film is really good with a great performance from Rachel Weisz, who is always consistent. I found the story to be compelling enough, you really are invested in seeing Kathy exposing those that are doing these terrible things to people they are supposed to be protecting. The movie is well-written and has a solid cast, but it's really Rachel's show and, as mentioned, she delivers. It's sad that the movie isn't much better considering the real-life story behind it. And, I mentioned this in my review for Eden the other day, I also believe that this subject would've made for a better documentary than it would've otherwise. I mean if you could get the real Kathryn Bolkovac to sit down and talk about her experiences and everything leading up to her 'blowing the whistle', so to speak, it would've been absolutely fascinating and considerably better than this film. Though I suppose you can make that argument for every film based on a true story, but it's more apparent in films where they don't really use the real life story as effectively as they should've. I don't really have much to say, this is a really good movie but one that really missed the boat as far as its story goes. I think I'll forget about this movie in a week's time, but it's a good movie nonetheless. Compelling and solidly acted.