The Stray Bullet

The Stray Bullet

A public accountant's salary is far too small for him to even get a cavity fixed, let alone support his family. However, he must somehow provide for his senile, shell-shocked mother, his ...

A public accountant's salary is far too small for him to even get a cavity fixed, let alone support his family. However, he must somehow provide for his senile, shell-shocked mother, his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johann M (de) wrote: Judi Dench puts a remarkable and charming performance that makes you feel Philomena's story and laugh at her occurrences while probably remembering the cuteness of your own grandma. The contrast between the personalities of the two lead characters, boosted with crisp dialogues, excellent acting and an interesting story, makes for a pretty enjoyable movie.

Brian C (ca) wrote: Interesting story about a space crew that has been assigned to rescue an adrift cargo ship in deep space. The crew arrives and finds that there has been sabotage and a sense of deja-vu.They are caught in a trap, repeating the same period of time over and over again while trying to prevent a bomb from exploding.The story is great. The script and acting however isn't. Which is too bad, because it is very entertaining, and a fun ride. The narrative is very reminiscent of the Star Trek TNG story 'Cause and Effect'.

Chris S (ag) wrote: Level Up: The Movie is a live-action fantasy comedy made-for-tv movie that aired on Cartoon Network and served as a pilot to the currently airing "Level Up" TV series. The movie revolves around the MMORPG Mandark: The Conqueror of Worlds . Wyatt (Gaelan Connell) plays as Black Death and leads the clan known as Neverfail. Rounding out the team is Dante (Connor Del Rio) as Sir Bickle and Lyle (Jessie Usher) as Wizza. The three of them inadvertently tear down the firewall to allow Mandark to unleash his henchmen into the real world. Now as creatures from the game begin wreaking havoc in their town, it's up to Neverfail to save the world from Mandark's forthcoming domination whether they're up for the task or not.I love Cartoon Network. I really do. Animated films and TV shows will always be a huge part of my life. With that said, I think everybody died a little inside when Cartoon Network started showing live-action programming. But the same argument can be made for MTV never showing music videos anymore. I'm a big supporter of both "Adventure Time" and "Regular Show," but "Level Up" just seemed lame based on its promos.The concept for the movie is pretty solid; a video game villain finding a way to become reality and attempting world domination by sending a rogue's gallery of monsters doesn't sound so bad. Anything that exists in this virtual world has been given a gateway to exist in ours. It's the execution that's the problem. The movie is bogged down by really lame one-liners, corny dialogue, ripped off slogans from video games, TV shows, and movies that you love, and bad acting.The special effects jump back and forth from being semi-decent to really terrible. The lighting effects are pretty spot-on like whenever the portal is opened or whenever Lyle casts a spell. The make-up effects aren't always awful either. Sprague is probably the best looking thing in the movie. But the low budget for the movie is felt more often than not. CG characters don't look so hot in the real world and every one of their weapons looks like a toy bought off of the clearance aisle at Big Lots.The greatest part of the movie is when pop-up ads start jumping into the real world. It's pulled off pretty well and actually feels fairly original. Once you see Mandark in full make-up though and the way he's basically a cheap imitation of Megamind without being blue, it sours anything that may have once been redeemable.Level Up: The Movie is like if "Xena: Warrior Princess" or "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" fused with The World of Warcraft episode of "South Park" and produced a PG version that was suitable for kids. The effects are mostly very bad, the humor is juvenile, and the acting makes you groan when it's at its best. But I'm also not the demographic Level Up is aimed towards. While it's probably entertaining for kids, Level Up will have adults watching the family pet lick itself as an alternate and more pleasing form of entertainment.

Adil S (fr) wrote: All right ?film noir? kind of thriller drama.

Bethany B (mx) wrote: Too bland to be funny.

Joonas J (kr) wrote: I apologize, but I do not understand how they managed to take a very intense and one of a kind Vietnam War story, star Gene Hackman and Danny Glover and turn it in to a (I apologize, but there is no other way around it) pile of steaming crap. This movie has no value whatsoever. I can not imagine who at their right mind at any point thought about this movie and figured that "wow, this was a cool, well made, action movie - awesome script, awesome story, awesome screenplay". Damn it, I have no polite words for it. It is just something that is there, there on your screen and it will be there for 1 hour and 40 minutes and when it ends it seems like all it was was some colors flashing on your screen and occasional face of Glover/Hackman/Reed. It was there and it actually wasn't. Dear lord, I am just speechless.DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS MOVIE, THIS IS NOT EVEN CRAP ENOUGH TO BE FUNNY.

Seth M (fr) wrote: Rotten tomatoes review on this film shows even more bias on their part towards action films, the cinematography was a little too much at parts, but the story line was great and it was executed well. Had a great soundtrack

Stian R (ru) wrote: Sterkt politisk preget spaghetti western, av Corbucci her er det lett se paralellene til datidens europa (60-70 tallet) med en revolusjonr pasifistisk studentforening ledet av en professor, i opposisjon til en voldelig revolusjonr guerilla ledet av en mann som har planlagt svikte folket nr han kommer til makten.Midt oppi dette har vi de to hovedpersonen guerilla soldaten Basco og den svenske vpenhandleren i dress Yolaf Peterson. Disse er klare bilder p henholdsvis den forvirrede arbeider (sttter en guerilla som vil svikte ham), og den velkledde vesteuropeiske smborger som bare styres av penger.De politiske paralellene er ofte litt for opplagte, og blir litt irriterende i Corbuccis filmer, men det var neppe sett slik p nr de kom da Europas unge var i politiske opprr p 70-tallet og alle slike filmer ble godt motatt. Franco Nero, spiller en god hovedrolle, og dubber faktisk den engelske versjonen selv med det som for oss skandinavere blir en svrt lite overbevisende svensk aksent fra en italiener. Kuriost nok m det nevnes at de mest politiske sekvensene i filmen er p italiensk og bare tekstet p engelsk, og neppe var en del av den amerikanske versjonen (i et land preget av mange p ytringsfrihet og kommunistangst). Slik at alegoriene ikke ble etablert og filmen blir en ren western.

Andy S (fr) wrote: 5 ***** this is better than star wars 7, star wars 7 gets a -5 as it was rubbish SPHERE is cool.