The String

The String

Malik has a lot on his plate when he returns home to Tunisia after living in France. He's processing his father's death, he can't come out to his mother, and his childhood anxieties have resurfaced. But all of Malik's problems seem to fade away when he falls for Bilal, the dreamy houseboy at his mother's bourgeois estate.

Malik has a lot on his plate when he returns home to Tunisia after living in France. He's processing his father's death, he can't come out to his mother, and his childhood anxieties have ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephane B (es) wrote: pas banal comme histoire .. le gars vie toujours dans sa maison .. tranquille :) et fait parfois des concerts en Afrique du sud

Javaid I (gb) wrote: What a waste of two hours!

Reece L (de) wrote: The Holiday is competently made, but for a movie directed by a woman, its female characters come of as exceptionally childish, either berating their loved ones or pathetically, desperately pining for men who don't want them. It goes to show just how engrained these stereotypes are in our collective conscious; even women aren't able to avoid perpetuating them in their own work. In addition to this regressive nonsense, the film suffers due to the fact that the main characters aren't all that interesting, to the point that the tertiary players offer welcome periods of relief from the incessant squabbling amongst the leads. Diaz's performance is consistently grating, and while Winslet does her best, she can't save the hokey material she's given to work with. You can certainly do worse when selecting holiday-centric material, but only to a point; The Holiday's crushing mediocrity and boring adherence to maudlin traditionalism (as well as some truly dreadful attempts at meta-humor) earn it a place near the bottom of the pile.

Matt C (au) wrote: A really excellent documentary detailing a hostage situation on a Bus in Rio. Having been there the undercurrent of violence to the city is a very real thing so this thorough examination of the favelas and the lost youths on the streets felt excellently done. I almost wanted the film to go on for another hour to examine what happened after the dramatic conclusion but then you feel they may not have had such widespread participation. Fantastic and heartbreaking in equal measure.

Kora G (ag) wrote: I went to see it with a wrong attitude because it was advertised as a comedy. well it's not. it's good. a nicely written and played one-man life's tragedy story.

Luc L (jp) wrote: Another embarrassment from Hollywood. How bold.

Haroon H (mx) wrote: Preety predictable yet fun to watch

Allen R (jp) wrote: Painfully horrible....

Paul C (fr) wrote: George Formby accidentally swaps roles with a sailor friend and inadvertently foils a German espionage plot on a naval base - all the while busking on his ukelele and enduring numerous pratfalls. Unremarkable and typicaL Formby fare!

Carla Sue S (ru) wrote: People need to remember that this is NOT a documentary. They weren't trying to give you a history lesson, but tell a story in a specific time and place, while poignantly reminding us of how history repeats itself. One morning in September, enemies of the United States under the pretense of religious "freedom" attacked her citizens in cold blood. A heart-wrenching story with broad implications on how our society looks at tragedy, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Gaspar O (ag) wrote: It's tornadoes, with stones! This is another brilliant Syfy offering. They say you get what you pay for. I paid nothing for this, but I got so much more! Is it good? No. Is it Syfy great? YES! Besides, how often do ya get to watch Plymouth Rock fall out of the sky and crush a brother?

Jei P (br) wrote: child actor from Room definitely made the movie. Also seeing a familiar face being a creepy character was a pleasant surprise