The Suckling

The Suckling

A woman goes to a back alley abortion clinic, only to have her aborted fetus attack her, her boyfriend, and everyone else at the clinic.

After a woman goes to a back-alley abortion clinic, her aborted fetus attacks her, her boyfriend, and everyone else at the place. It transforms the house into a womb-like cocoon, surrounded by an airtight mucus membrane, from which there is no escape. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennifer T (nl) wrote: "Girls Against Boys" was not as good as I thought it would be. It wasn't horrible..I just expected more from this film.

The Movie W (au) wrote: Reading the above summary you'd be forgiven for confusing this with last years "Black Swan" or Polanski's "Repulsion". Despite the critical plaudits of the aforementioned, Amer is the strongest of the three. That's not to say it's without flaws, and Amer will struggle to win any fans from the general movie-going public. It's told almost entirely without dialogue, something which instantly scores brownie points with me. Having said that there's not much of a story to tell, think "Repulsion" if it was made in mid Seventies Italy. The movie is split into three distinct segments. The first has our protagonist as a young girl attempt to steal a locket from a decrepit relative who more than resembles the witch from "Suspiria". It heavily references Mario Bava's "Black Sabbath", all primary colours and dripping water. The middle sequence is the standout, a beautifully shot walk through a mediterranean village frought with perceived sexual threat. Sadly the film collapses in it's third act, a blatant "Repulsion" rip-off that drags on too long and leads to a heavy handed metaphorical coda. If you like purely visual cinema I'd say give this a look purely on the strength of it's first half but prepare to lose interest as it panders out. I'll be curious to see the film-makers next effort, hopefully it'll have a bit more meat on it's stylish bones.

Sagar D (fr) wrote: its one of the finest movies i have seenespecially the last 10 mins moves ur heart with the song in the background

Jeff B (mx) wrote: Disappointingly boring with an unnecessarily lame political statement at the end. Javier Bardem looks a lot like Robert Downey Jr. here and Francesca Neri is the spitting image of a young Charlotte Rampling.

Michelle T (de) wrote: A classic! If you don't shed a tear when Lauryn Hill sings "His Eye Is on the Sparrow," you have no soul.

Mitchell B (kr) wrote: Chevy Chase's dry humor brings to the world of movies a hilarious comedy. A classic!

Sharon J (es) wrote: Not as good as "Tinker, Tailor" - the plot was simpler, although still a good film. I liked the way it was shot that was visually well done and made for a very "spyish" feel. The camerawork was good, creating atmosphere. Richard Burton was hot as usual and I enjoyed the bits set in Berlin, after holidaying there. It had a good story-line with some good twists. Although I don't mind plot development and slow pieces of film, I still found it dragged in some places. It also had a sad ending. Worth watching :)

Jean P (de) wrote: Dirty, funny, pretty piece.

Brandon W (ag) wrote: I LOVED this movie growing up. My cousins and I would watch it at their Cabin up at Shuswap lake almost every year. Unfortunately, watching this now as an adult and as a film student, I was so disappointed to find out that this film does not hold up at all. Some jokes still work, some really don't. When the filmmakers give a little bit of time between each joke for the audience to laugh but all you hear is complete silence, it's really awkward. Heather Graham, let's talk about her. Like most bond girls she's parodying, she is drop dead beautiful. Her acting on the other hand can be cringeworthy. All in all, mentioning some of the jokes with your friends at a bar will garner more laughs then actually watching the movie.

MEC r (au) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

Ashley H (jp) wrote: Hart's War is an excellent film. It is about a law student who becomes a lieutenant during World War II and is captured and asked to defend a black prisoner of war falsely accused of murder. Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell give outstanding performances. The screenplay is well written. Gregory Hoblit did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama. Hart's War is a must see.

Sophie M (es) wrote: RUFIO! RUFIO! RU FI OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! also it's a really fun movie with amazing acting on the most part (the daughter wasn't great) very funny. the sets were cool. robin williams is brilliant. super creative and RUFIOOOOOO!

Melanie R (gb) wrote: Stay away from anything Lucky McKee is involved in!

Ying S (de) wrote: Never saw the beginning, but what I did see was very good.

D M (es) wrote: A vampire re-awakens in the early 2000s because he "hears" Gothic rock. He ends up joining a band mallcore Gothic rock (think Marilyn Manson meets Sisters of Mercy meets Korn). The band gets huge all while he claims to be a real vampire. Most fans don't take him seriously, real vampires take notice and want to kill him. His new band's music wakes the most ancient of all vampires, the queen of the damned, and she looks to make him her king in order to have a partner in her bloodlust. There's a girl who figured out his identity as well who is competing with the queen for the vampire's affections.Really a cool movie, despite my aversion to the Gothic; probably why I avoided it for so long...also, because of the hip-hop person as the titular character. Oh, and being based on Anne Rice's version of vampirism didn't make me wanna see it much either, so I was pleasantly surprised!