The Suitor

The Suitor

Absent-minded yet cultured, Pierre answers his parents demands to wed by ignoring both astronomy and the housemaid, instead falling head-over-heels for rich damsels.

Pierre is a shy man whose sole focus in life is studying astrology in solitude, which is often difficult since he still lives at and studies in his parent's house. His parent's would rather... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ela T (nl) wrote: I liked a lot. Where is Catherine Deneuve I am there too. Marina Hands and she have a great perfomance together.

John P (es) wrote: Quite a unique cinematic experience! If this were made by an amateur, I might be more forgiving of the haywire editing, possibly even admire the filmmaker's ambition for adapting such a disturbing true story. Ultimately, butt naked doll-humping connotes a failed art project.

Joshua R (ru) wrote: This is one of those movies I loved, the moment I watch it, It's honest, it's raw, it's funny and clever, it make you feel and see that relationships are complex, and most of the time both sides have a point. People don't always look the same thing, it's a great movie, and the acting by both leads is nice.

Spencer P (kr) wrote: In a remarkably more kiddish fashion, this sequel now entirely serves the child audience with an overly dumbed down plot, though that doesn't stop Tim Allen from shining bright with enthiasm and laughs!

ries p (es) wrote: the best of movie,,,:)

JJ D (ru) wrote: very good movie, I highly recommend it. The plot moves good, and the characters are believable. It did feel a bit short but otherwise a good film.

Yeanjoo J (gb) wrote: Is there anybody who have seen this movie? :D I watched it several years ago on TV and loved it

Harrison M (mx) wrote: Deliverance Review and Analysis"Deliverance" is a 1972 film that was directed by John Boorman and written by James Dickey based on his novel. The movie tells the story of four city slickers from Atlanta taking a canoe trip on a river in the backwoods of Georgia before the lush landscape is ruined by a dam project. During the trip they are forced to confront the treacherous nature of the backwoods as well as battle against two violent mountain men in order to escape their increasingly perilous situation. In looking on this film it is hard to believe that it actually came out 44 years ago. The reason is that the cinematography and directing of this movie is gorgeous. The main reason for this is that the movie is directed a lot like a documentary with it containing little music for most of the movie and the way in which John Boorman frames many of his shots and edits. This style of directing makes the movie feel visceral and helped me feel like I was watching something that actually happened. This feeling is further helped with it being shot on location and the four leads rapid river scenes being actually performed. On top of that, every actor in this movie is completely believable in their role. Burt Reynold's macho attitude fits perfectly within the role but the real performance comes from Jon Voight who slowly evolves from a timid city slicker, into someone who slowly embraces the primitive nature in the way that Reynold's character had already done. This is also one of the few movies where I would say that the violence is actually realistic. When Roger Ebert reviewed this film years ago he claimed that the film "was a fantasy of violence rather than a realistic consideration of it" this likely came about by his interpretation that Dickey was trying to "[tell] us something about the nature of man, and particularly civilized man's ability to survive primitive challenges." While that argument could certainly be made, I have a hard time believing that that was the film's primary objective. In the context of the movie I believe it is about the line between the violence of civilization and the violence of nature and how it may be more blurry than it first appears. This is reflective in the violent actions of the film since many of them are committed with the use of primitive tools. The only type of homicidal violence that may have not been committed by the bow and arrow is during the death of Drew who may or may not have been shot. Drew's death is a symbol of the blurred lines between a violence of civilization and the violence of nature since in that case how he died was completely unclear. If it was by the gun the fault would be civilization, if not then it was nature that killed him. Bobby's rape scene furthers the point since he is told by his captors to "squeal like a pig" in order to blur the lines of Bobby being a man and Bobby being a helpless animal. The point is furthered by the rape itself which on the one hand is violence committed by men that can be seen as an hideously intimate action but at the same time is the use of something that is only natural as a weapon. There are further examples of this throughout the movie which I believe continues to help elevate this movie beyond the simple machismo-style fantasy violence that Roger Ebert perceives. Instead, the violence is used to paint a portrait of how civilized violence and natural violence is more blurred than most people think therefore disproving his point that it is not a realistic consideration of it. Overall I would say that "Deliverance" is a movie that I would highly recommend to film buffs like myself. It is a movie that truly came out ahead of its time and it reminds me heavily of what modern movies are like today. The story is fantastic and contains several layers and themes beyond the primary one that I explained. The directing and acting is phenomenal and the scenery is just plain gorgeous. I give this film a 5 out of 5 rating but I wouldn't recommend it to people who get easily queasy.

Lee M (us) wrote: Tim is a cloying, if heartfelt, fairytale about a simple gardener who falls in love with an older, American businesswoman.

Waleed A (ca) wrote: this immediately became my favorite movie of all time the first time I watched it (before interstellar). the experience was phenomenal, fascinating, nerve-racking, and awe-inspiring from beginning to end. elite directing, elite acting, elite cast, elite concept, elite story, elite cinematography, elite music HANS! elite everything. this movie can be analyzed for hours. it has so many layers (figuratively and literally). this movie blew my mind. it explored something fascinating in all the right ways, taken it in all the right directions (6 viewings)

Robert O (jp) wrote: Just started to watch the movie, and the blond girl is just horrible. She tries way to hard to be cute and funny with her annoying voice. She has so far, sucked any hope for this movie. Must turn this off. Thanks Jeremy Berg for being a Crappie director.