The Summer of the Massacre

The Summer of the Massacre

Based on supposable true life events set in the English outback. Four teenagers take a shortcut across the countryside on their way home from college. They arrive in an obscure town named Blackwood where they are terrorized by notorious serial killer, Hammerhead, who hunts humans and devours their flesh. His favored tool of death is a large hammer.

Based on supposable true life events set in the English outback. Four teenagers take a shortcut across the countryside on their way home from college. They arrive in an obscure town named ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rebecca C (es) wrote: Cute, but super cheesy.

Robert I (ca) wrote: A really terrible movie that should've stayed unreleased. Paul Schrader just isn't a good filmmaker. Visually flat, not scary, dull, and lifeless.

Mohammed A (es) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Melvin W (nl) wrote: "Freedom is just the Beginning"Alfred Hitchcock was once asked in an interview what his biggest fear was. He responded by saying that it was being falsely accused of a crime he didn't commit. After watching After Innocence, I can say be falsely accused and convicted of a crime would be one of the most terrifying things that could happen to a person. After a law class I took last year; I began to be totally opposed to the death penalty. Now, After Innocence just reaffirms my belief that the death penalty should not be used. There's just too much risk in executing an innocent man or woman. If you only execute one innocent man, I'd say the system failed. And you know that more then one innocent person has been put to death. It's a scary thought; being on death row or even just in prison for a crime that you didn't commit.After Innocence dives into some of the people who's lives were affected by being wrongly convicted of a crime. After serving many years in prison, each person who is shown on this documentary had their convictions overturned because of DNA evidence that proves they didn't commit the crime. It shows how their lives never get back to normal. Each person has their own unique prison aftermath. It's hard to get work, a girlfriend and they were never compensated for their time. They continue fighting for compensation and for others that were also wrongly convicted. It's just a really sad and terrifying documentary to watch. Seeing a person who had to waste 22 years of their life inside a prison and come out without compensation is tragic.This along with Witch Hunt, which touches on the same subject, will really change your frame of mind about the whole legal system. While this obviously isn't a fun movie to watch; it is an important one and also a very well-made documentary. More people need to watch After Innocence.

Kristina G (au) wrote: This is a really interesting documentary about the Berlin Philharmonic and a youth ballet putting together the Rite of Spring.

Aaron M (br) wrote: Cellular is a movie which has always stuck with me and I feel its very unrated. I have watched this movie more times than I can count and it still remains a high octane watch. Whilst I see why it cannot be seen as a thriller of top class, Im talking the over stereotypical characters and corny delivery, its still a witty and fast paced action movie. The plot is intelligent and unique allowing the movie to always go places and remain above pace. Theres a superb cast even if Kim Basinger doesnt provide her best performance and Jason Stathams skills go to waste. The movie suspenseful, energetic and damn right entertaining from start to end. Once victim and hero finally meet you get a warm fuzzy feeling inside and you feel totally satisfied by this excellent popcorn flick.

Conan Patrick T (es) wrote: Not bad, just average

Robert I (nl) wrote: Klaus Kinski, was he for real? A love song documentary that's every bit as touching you think it wouldn't be.

Fascade F (kr) wrote: Truly a joy to see and behold as Michael Chapman (Michael J. Fox) and his brother Ed Chapman (Nathan Lane) try to run a down (and almost!) out child star agency. Despite all of his efforts Mike makes various appearances to every place that remembers him as a former child star to keep his own agency going. Then by chance he "bumps" into a pick pocketing little girl that refuses to go to school because of her personal displeasure for it. As Mike's last ditch effort to save the agency, as well as the future of this troubled pre-teen girl, he signs her up for an opportunity to be in a commercial that may make or break both of their futures. Combined with a mixture of classic songs and slick coming of age comedy, this family movie is one to always remember. Truly a good one to see with the entire family.

Mia S (br) wrote: First of all, I really enjoyed this movie. It takes place during the Second World War in German occupied France. It is a French movie. (I had to use subtitles, though I could make out about half of the dialogue) Marie, the main character, is a stay at home mother with two children and a husband. She stumbles upon her neighbor trying desperately to rid herself of her unborn child. Marie performs the abortion for her. This leads Marie down a path of greed, deception and lust. The topics discussed in Story Of Women are some what looked down upon but it was very interesting.

Kevin K (fr) wrote: Awesome movie funny to the very end

Mauro R (it) wrote: Sinceramente, no entendi.Tem muito filme europeu artistico que eu gostei, mas esse realmente eu no consegui envolver-me com o significado ou com o que o diretor queria.

Andrew I (nl) wrote: I liked this in almost every respect except for (i) a slightly lame ending (ii) the maltreatment and tormenting of a puma in a cage, which for me marred the film in a big way. It was difficult to empathise much with Bronson's character as a loveable rogue, but I guess the real Machine-Gun Kelly was hardly the Easter Bunny either. Quite short and perfectly watchable. 7.25/10

Isael J (kr) wrote: Is the movie good? No, Is the movie historically accurate? nope, Does the movie have cool fight/torture scenes from De Niro and Travolta, surprisingly yes. The only other thing that would have made this movie fresh for me is less stupidity of the things that happen in this movie and better acting by Travolta, along with a better accent.

Jude P (it) wrote: You never go bored with Hitchcock thrillers. Brilliant in every aspect.