The Sun

The Sun

The Sun (Russian: Сóлнце, Solntse) is a 2005 Russian biographical film depicting Japanese Emperor Shōwa (Hirohito) during the final days of World War II. The film is the third drama in director Aleksandr Sokurov's trilogy, which included Taurus about the Soviet Union's Vladimir Lenin and Moloch about Nazi Germany's Adolf Hitler.

Third part in Aleksandr Sokurov's tetrology, following . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William v (nl) wrote: An enjoyable, not your average comedy, it made me smile...

Giovanni M (au) wrote: The Guilt Trip is sweet, light-hearted, and warm...but it's also sappy and forgettable.

Steven C (kr) wrote: There is nothing new in "Skateland"- both in the film and in the characters lives. What I liked most about this sweetly nostalgic film is that it meanders into territory (emotional or physical) that is determined solely by the characters. These are people dealing with ennui and disaffection and co-writer/director Anthony Burns organically incorporates this. Though this can be murder on the films structure, the emotional payoff in the conclusion seems worth it. The performances are a bit rocky because the films tone can be bipolar, which seems to throw the actors off. But Shiloh Fernandez and Ashley Greene form a chemistry that seems real and honest. Fernandez is interesting because he plays Ritchie like an honest, truthful young man. I liked seeing Ritchie actually striving for family connection; it's an interesting change for the presented themes. "Skateland" will certainly draw comparisons to "Dazed and Confused" and "Adventureland" (with a dash of "Somewhere" thrown in) but don't write it off completely because there are some really great individual parts to this film- they just unfortunately don't congeal like they should.

Gregory S (es) wrote: I thought that this was a very funny movie. Leelee was really good in it and she is sexy as hell. The funniest is Jamie Kennedy as Dick Harder the porn star. He just played the part soo well and for you ladies out there that want to see Jamie's junk go and watch this movie.

Tommy D (br) wrote: How many terrific performances in The Ides of March!An extremely intriguing and well directed movie, definetely one of my favourite Political thrillers.Good job George!

Lisa Michelle A (de) wrote: I loved the first Into The Blue so i really want to see the sequel.

Deann L (nl) wrote: My little one wants me to take her.

Private U (de) wrote: Pretty horrible acting.... ha! But it's decent, I've seen worst.

Stitch 6 (br) wrote: I'd have to say this the best animated film I've ever seen. I liked it the first time but really appreciated it on the second viewing, just a few weeks ago. I can see why sequel is doing such great business at the box office. Apparently, a lot of people liked this movie.A gorgeous color palette (man, this looks good) and a lot of good adult (but clean) humor make this a big winner. The opening 3-4-minute scene with "Scat," is excellent as are subsequent interludes with him. "Sid" the sloth (voiced by John Leguizamo), however, provides the main humor in the movie. He usually has something funny to say throughout the movie.Ray Romano is the voice of the mammoth (Manny, my all time favorite character), the big character of the film, literally, while Denis Leary is the ferocious former antagonist saber-tooth tiger.This isn't just humor and pretty colors but a nice, sentimental story of how a little baby softens up a couple of tough characters. This isn't interrupted with a lot of songs, either: one only brief one and there is nothing offensive, language-wise.If more animated movies were this good, I'd own more like Anastasia, Over The Hedge, Shrek and other good films.

David H (gb) wrote: An anthem for children's rights, relentlessly heartbreaking.

Greg D (nl) wrote: Another remarkable performance from Tom Hanks in this moving story of Aids victim Andrew Beckett.

Tiago G (de) wrote: Sometimes you'll feel stuck in an endless loop until the movie switches into a funnier, warmer and heartful direction and you realize how much fun Murray's movies were back in the day. It will bring joy and make you think about everyday interactions, but most of all make you work as a person because time isn't timeless.

Denise A (es) wrote: I really like this movie! Eveyone has a little Dinky in them. LOL. It's about a teen lost in her youth and it doesn't help that Dinky is adopted. No wonder she feels lost & lonely but soon she finds herself and a love that will accept her for who she is! I enjoyed the humor.

Belevedere J C (br) wrote: One of his best films...

Kaveetaa K (kr) wrote: Emir Kusturica a Slav Director who speaks a language unique to his craft..What was also astounding was to hear the theme music of the film. raj kappors title track of ' jeena yahaan marna yahaan' from Mera naam Joker was taken from here..I think he used it in Bobby as well. The film is a must watch.

Russ B (ru) wrote: 4/23/2016: A pretty decent flick. The cast was excellent and it was enjoyable and fun to watch.

Matt H (mx) wrote: The weakest of the sequels so far.

Daniel P (br) wrote: Lady and the Tramp is a charming, beautifully animated, beautifully scored, and heartfelt masterpiece.

Jenna I (us) wrote: I totally dug this. The music was nice, the acting was great, and the dance numbers weren't excessively long. It also felt like it was sending mixed messages about what was actually happening in the story... it came off surprisingly anti-war to me, and slightly more salacious than they could have said out loud.

Martin K (fr) wrote: S uzasem zjistuji kolik uzasnych snimku se za let valecnych natocilo. :)