The Sun Also Rises

The Sun Also Rises

A group of disillusioned American expatriate writers live a dissolute, hedonistic lifestyle in 1920's France and Spain.

A group of disillusioned American expatriate writers live a dissolute, hedonistic lifestyle in 1920's France and Spain. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim H (mx) wrote: Excellent story with strong acting and fun mixed well with tears.

Scott M (br) wrote: Can't help but laugh at this goofy actor playing themselves movie. Doesn't change the fact that not a lot makes sense.

Jesse F (de) wrote: A huge improvement over the last chapter. Dourif and Tilly give some very creepy performances.

Lucas Y (de) wrote: Not that bad, but not that good either. Tom Selleck and his moustache are demoted to the Japanese league after a fall from grace in the majors. This could've been a really cool story had the Japanese characters been more funny & interesting. And the film really fails to show you the differences in the styles of play between the 2 countries. Selleck carries this movie decently, but he has no supporting characters to help him. Dennis Haysbert doesn't even do movies anymore. He does All State Insurance commercials. The love story between Selleck & his managers daughter is ultra lame. This works a lot more as a fun baseball movie than a romantic comedy which is what it seems like it was trying to go for. Like I said, not bad, but it's nothing compared to stuff like Major League or even Rookie of the Year or The Sandlot for that.

Matt C (es) wrote: Forget Julie Walters and Victoria Wood ever met...yes I know it's difficult but if you can try and block anything they've ever done together from your memory it will greatly enhance your enjoyment of this film. She is terrific as is Caine, the film itself is pretty paper thin really...basically Pygmalion does OU but both of them really have a great chemistry on screen and make it a really worthwhile watch.

Dave T (gb) wrote: It's a crew thing!!! Oh and don't forget your potato!!!

Dominic S (br) wrote: Childhood fav of mine. Interesting story revolving around a group of british nannies defeating an asian crime syndicate by way of stealing a dinosaur from a museum, now does that sound like something you'd be interested in?

David F (ca) wrote: Tennessee Williams and Elia Kazan, the powerhouse team that brought the world 'A Streetcar Named Desire', team up again to heat up the screen with more torrid Southern steam, this time with young Carroll Baker in the title role, a guileless and impetuous 'child-bride' to the boorish buffoon Archie Lee (Malden). Promised to him by her father, who stipulated that the marriage not be consummated until she reaches her 20th year, Baby Doll chafes under Archie's constant reminders that the promised day is soon coming. However, Archie's scheme to revitalize his failing cotton gin invites his competitor Vacarro (Wallach) into their home, where he promptly begins to seduce Baby Doll in an effort to incriminate Archie. This is vintage Williams - the characters are painted with a very broad and exaggerated brush, almost cartoonishly. Motivated by greed, pride and lust, these characters have very few virtues. The treatment of the seduction was very risque for its time, to the point where the film was denounced by the Catholic Legion of Decency - not surprising considering Baby Doll's childlike affectations. The entire cast is great here,including real Mississippi residents in small, colorful supporting roles, but its really Baker that you can't take your eyes off of - when she whisperingly confides to Vacarro that she finally feels 'cool and rested for the first time in my life' after their 'nap', it's one of the sexiest moments in film history.

Karsh D (es) wrote: Man is held captive in a boot of a car and is routinely tortured as his captors want info on the president. It's ok but rather a strange and silly ending with a bit of an obvious twist.

john o (gb) wrote: The film is a bible thumper, pure and simple. But McDowell is great as Satan and it's got a half decent story.

Tim S (mx) wrote: Very charming performance from Robert Quarry.