The Survival Family

The Survival Family

After a sudden worldwide power cut, a Tokyo family are caught up in the chaos as millions traverse the country in search of electricity.

  • Category:Comedy
  • Stars:Unknown
  • Uploader:Fakinsai
  • Country:Japan
  • Director:Shinobu Yaguchi
  • Writer:Shinobu Yaguchi (screenplay)

After a sudden worldwide power cut| a Tokyo family are caught up in the chaos as millions traverse the country in search of electricity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fong K (nl) wrote: Marion Cotillard earns her second Oscar acting nomination for turning in a heartrending performance as a tapped out ailing worker running on a desperate errand to beg her co-workers to let her keep her job. A moving social commentary on integrity and compassion in any cash-strapped working class.

Jake W (gb) wrote: A heartwarming portrayal of the touching and heartbreaking true story with great performances from McConaughey and Fox. The only downfall I must attend to may be the somewhat silly at-times script, or the lack of attention given to all but a few of the players' characters.

Paul Z (gb) wrote: Nice idea, but poorly executed. Not quite sure why critics seemed to like it. Tracy Coogan is the lone bright spot here. Would like to see her in a better film. Gets 2 stars for Coogan and being filmed in NJ.

Al R (kr) wrote: I agree with the critics consensus. It was until almost the end that the storyline started to make any sense. The constant flashbacks added nothing but confusion. Filming it must have been atrocious and needlessly difficult.Now to get to a further difficulty. Why must facebook be used as a log in. If I wanted to post on facebook, I'd do that. I probably won't be back to rotten tomatoes, because it's a rotten tomato for expecting commentators to only use facebook.

Greg W (br) wrote: good solid crime drama

stefano l (de) wrote: It's one of the few sports movies that I truly like, and that I watched more than once (or more than some times actually...). Maybe because it's not just on sport but on sonething more important, the integration between black and white people, in which sport is a part of. I would watch it and rewatch it again, also immediately. Great movie. Ps: here on flixster is not credited, but a young Ryan Gosling was also present in the movie.

John A (es) wrote: This is a film about questions, questions about the meaning of love, about the presence of mature love in the world, and about the possibility of connection with another human being. The B&W photography in the film's first 2/3 is exquisite. The elliptical editing and the impressive conglomeration of filmic and philosophic quotations both serve to create a dense work. That said, the frayed formulation of issues and the silly Anti-American and Hollywoodisms throughout undermine the film as a whole.

Jonathan l (gb) wrote: Not as bad as everyone makes it out to be

Jeff D (us) wrote: Fast Company is, by far, David Cronenberg's least interesting film.

Christy P (us) wrote: Pretty trashy and sexploitative.

Adam P (us) wrote: Cocteau said that he wished to create a vehicle for poetry, and to let the viewer decide what meanings they wanted to impose upon it. At times that openness is restrictive, and at times it creates the opportunity for a very personal subversion.

Tom H (es) wrote: a forgotten gem amongst all the other lesser known war movies in Hollywood`s snack vault. this one revolves around the liberation of Israel(or birth). the people of Israel stand alone against 5 Arab states who have swore to drive them into the Mediterranean sea as soon as British forces leave their land. but the Israelis have no military training or arms to fight back, so they turn to a ww2 veteran (Kirk Douglas) who cant say no because he loves war to damn much. and so begins the training and battle strategy which revolves around bluffing the opponent and literallygetting their asses blown to bits. many familiar faces here in small parts , like John Wayne, Frank Sinatra and Michael Douglas. this is a different war movie than usual because of the political turmoil that the movies foundation is set on. and it seems like peace is a far away word for either the Israelis or Palestinians. but even so the movie packs a light tone of humor and wise cracks now and then. Good movie overall, watch it if you like old war movies.

Luciano G (us) wrote: A wonderful cast of superb actors playing a wonderful cast of outrageous characters. Exotic locale. Lots of laughs. Great lines. Ustinov gives a somewhat harder spin to Christie's Poirot than Suchet but he's just as wonderful. Angela Lansbury should have had the Oscar for best supporting actress that year for her tipsy, dipsy authoress. Maggie Smith is her usual incredible self. The great and always fascinating Bette Davis. . All this with exotic locations, superb camera work and well paced suspense......

Toby C (au) wrote: It's cheesy, has some good one liners along with a few good action scenes. However it's flaw is that it is all over the place, and is inconsistent on its main focus, causing it to become unclear what it's true mission is about.

Clay B (ca) wrote: THE EIGER SANCTION (1975)

Trevor W (it) wrote: A sometimes enjoyably corny movie