The Suspended Vocation

The Suspended Vocation

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The Suspended Vocation torrent reviews

Andrew U (ca) wrote: Puts Sharknado to shame.

AD V (fr) wrote: A horrible SOVT (shot on video tape) 1986 film about a husband who catches his wife and best friend in bed and then goes bezerk killing anyone who gets in his way or happens to be waiting for a bus. Huge gaps in continuity, a car inexplicably loaded with weapons, cheesy sound effects and a minimal, nonsensical plot make this a so-craptacular-its-good long as there is alot of alcohol consumed before watching it.

Tom R (gb) wrote: (4 Stars) Trigun: Badlands Rumble is a fun animated film with vibrant and thrilling action scenes. It helps to have seen the original TV series to understand why the characters are the way they are as not a lot of emphasis is put on character development... this is definitely made for existing fans. Like the series, it somehow makes a barren desert landscape as a backdrop an intriguing setting. It's a sci-fi western with an armed pacifist (Vash the Stampede) who is too goofy not to like. The returning side characters are cool (namely Wolfwood) and I liked Amelia, the new gunslinger in the film. The villain Gasback is kind of stock, but he's still a brutal, very western-esque villain. The comedy bits sometimes work and sometimes go on too long, but nothing is ever too offensive. Consider Trigun: Badlands Rumble a very good extended episode with upgraded animation. It's not Cowboy Bebop: The Movie great, but it's certainly worth watching.

Jeremy N (ag) wrote: I wanted to like this movie. The female cast is excellent. Yet to see them perform the works of a 1st grader would be more enjoyable. A few tips to the writer and director; 1. Your dialog and character interaction was; stilted, nonsensical, and incomprehensible! 2. There was two extended scenes of blackness and awful dialogue and one of a blurry beam. Awful filmaking.3. Your movie made no sense. 4. The sex scenes were written and directed by a virgin and the worst ever recorded. You had a beautiful nude woman. Yet a pair of robots would have been more erotic.5. Just because you can speak a language, doesn't mean you have any bussiness writing a movie. Subway conductors make more sense than this script. Awful, awful [email protected]

Jason S (gb) wrote: If I knew at the end what I saw in the middle the movie would have been great. But I didn't unfortunately and it made for a confusing mess. Great twist at the end though.

Purplicious J (us) wrote: Its better than I thought it would be. Javed Jaffrey was great as Monav!

Anthony S (mx) wrote: Actually better than looks. I was expected some dumb road comedy, but it isn't.

Janelle n (au) wrote: I know that this looks like a cheesy movie. But honestly it wasnt that bad. There were actually some smart people in it and plenty of cheap gore!! Have to say that the ending was not so good though...

David H (br) wrote: Just don't do it - you'll hate yourself for watching it.

Doug C (nl) wrote: Eh.. best kept secret.

Brody M (au) wrote: I was Lying In Wait for it to be over

Cas M (mx) wrote: The WORST film I have EVER seen. I watched it as I had expected it would get better at some stage. I felt robbed of the time spent watching this pathetic film. This film deserves a minus star rating ...

William P (br) wrote: A bit debauched; emphasized the emotionalism of romanticism

Cameron G (es) wrote: Story/Screenplay (30%) - 9/30Cinematography (30%) - 24/30Acting/Characters (15%) - 7/15Production/Costume Design (10%) - 9/10Effects (Visual/Sound) (8%) - 8/8Music (7%) - 7/7Final - 64/100