The Swiss Family Robinson

The Swiss Family Robinson

A family shipwrecked on a deserted island tries to survive the best way they can. All is going well until a gang of pirates arrives on the island looking for a hidden treasure.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,   remake,  

A family shipwrecked on a deserted island tries to survive the best way they can. All is going well until a gang of pirates arrives on the island looking for a hidden treasure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Naqash A (gb) wrote: nyc mOvie... lovd wOtChing it....

Marquise C (fr) wrote: Great Movie!! Highly Recommend

Danielle B (br) wrote: it is toots amazeballs

Rawballs B (it) wrote: If your not a fan of the two Wayans, you will not enjoy this motion pic for sure...

Tralandra T (br) wrote: niby to horror niby nie, chcieli troche zrobic cos lekko ambitnego,ale moim zdaniem nie wyszlo. opowiada o idealnym malzenstwie, ktorego idylla pewnego dnia zostaje zachwiana. w rurze pojawia sie lemming i zatyka wszystko. lemmingi zyja w skandynawii i to, ze przybyl do francji, to chyba dlatego,ze chcial sie zabic. ale idealna zona sie nim zaopiekowala i nie umarl. poza tym idealny maz ma mniej idealnego szefa, bo zona szefa jest lekko swirnieta. najpierw robi scene i sie wydziera na meza podczas kolacji u idealnego malzenstwa. potem probuje idealnego meza skusic na sex swoimi szeptami i zmarszczkami. idealny maz (bardzo kiepski aktor btw) jakos sie opiera tym watpliwym wdziekom. no a potem przychodzi sobie od tak ta swirnieta zona (ok, ona grala calkiem dobrze) do panstwa idealnych i najpierw opowiada idealnej zonie, ze idealny maz mial ochote na swirnieta, a potem sobie drzemke ucina w ich domu, zeby w koncu w leb sobie strzelic. i zabija sie jak lemming. a potem idealna zona zaczyna swirowac. chyba dlatego, ze duch tamtej w nia wstapil albo cos takiego. jeszcze jest ujecie wypelnionej lemmingami kuchni (a lemming w ogole wyglada jak chomik), zeby troche straszniej bylo. i czasem jakies podejrzane dzwieki i muzyka. poszlam na seans nocny, pozno bylo, wiec moze to tez dlatego film mi sie w ogole nie podobal. po dwoch godzinach ciagle trwal w najlepsze, juz nie moglam wytrzymac i poszlam sobie do domu.

Kayla P (fr) wrote: i could watch this move over and over!

Millo T (ru) wrote: Nice stories. You learn to love these characters. Enjoy it.

Dganit P (ca) wrote: Very well made sk8 doco, the name says it all. and Jason Jessee is a star ;)

Private U (au) wrote: Beautiful music, very interesting if you like these guys.

Clint S (es) wrote: Have a beer, or twelve, and you should be alright with this one. Unless... You're TAKEN.I've said the word "cliche" during my lifetime. Never has a word been so fitting, and yet so unfitting at the same time. Taken has an undeniably ability to entertain. Liam Neeson plays a ex-government agent, now hyped bodyguard, who's daughter is kidnapped. He then proceeds to break many people, on his way to try and get his daughter back. I'm trying hard to hold back the laughter when talking about this. Let me break this down. For a film that is supposed to be an action-thriller, it is cluttered with quite decent humour. If they embraced how daft parts of this film are, I may have liked it more. You want a cerebral film? Don't watch this. You want a film with great dialogue? Don't watch this. You want a cliched action film? Well, here it is.The only performance that I think I can muster a mention for here is that of Liam Neeson. I don't think I have ever seen such comedic prowess in any being. He puts on showcase his best Bale-era Batman vocal impression. I mean he has a lot to thank for the writing, but his delivery of these lines is exceptional. Delivery in that cliched, deadpan, yet over-the-top manner equals absolutely hilarity, and is very well-placed in a film about his daughter being kidnapped from across the planet. Oh wait... This film isn't a comedy? That's a shame. Every other cliched character is played as just that in this film. Everyone is so serious in this film, and it really is hard to not bust a gut whilst watching. Every performance is so right yet so wrong, in a film that is so right, yet so wrong. These performances are not good, but they are fitting.I didn't expect such a film. It is great in its total blindness to how humorous it is. Roughly ninety minutes long, it never gets boring. It is a crime that such a script was ever written, but with such script I think they did the best they could have done. You are so taken out of this film by almost every element of it, that it somehow has you fully intrigued. It really is one of those "it's that bad, that it is good moments". There are absolutely no surprises in this film. You could map this film out with just the short premise. I cannot bring myself to think awful things of this film, because it did entertain me so very much. To finalize, go into this one without expectations. Never has an action-thriller been so non-thrilling, and so funny. I, personally give this film plaudits for being something that I never thought it could be. If you somehow make the mistake of thinking that this film will be a smart, enthralling action-thriller. Run. Run as fast as you can away from this film. However, if you're expectation is to have a laugh, then this film will deliver on that front. If you are a little more impressed by mindless action, give it a watch too. It isn't actually that bad. Honestly. I think.

Salvatore M (ca) wrote: Great cast good action sequences good graphics

Private U (de) wrote: Excellent acting by all three lead actors in this film, and certainly a cut above the average romantic comedy

Mark N (ag) wrote: Amusing little Italian movie with those same overly grand designs so beloved of film-makers such as Argento. The movie packs in a lot of emotional elements and tones and can seem confused about what it is to the uninitiated but thankfully Everett's abilities make what would have been a mostly ignored movie somewhat fun to watch and infinitely more notable.

Bilal a (ru) wrote: Brilliant story. And goose bump ending

Paul D (nl) wrote: Gritty urban drama, not just in story but in the way the music and editing goes together. The much underrated Rod Steiger is brilliant again.

Christian A (ru) wrote: One of Elvis best musical films

Aj V (ca) wrote: Not only is this movie hilarious, unique, and witty, but you learn a lot about slang words too. This movie is really fun, great cast and story and everything, I loved it, and I highly recommend it.

Cody T (it) wrote: Fantastically honest film. Truly refreshing.

Kevin B (fr) wrote: It was an OK movie, with some good performances. The worst part about it was the little girl, who was ugly, annoying and a terrible actress. Besides her, everyone else was pretty good, even the little boy about 80% of the time. Morgan Freeman was great as usual, although he doesn't come in until halfway through the movie.Grade: B

Cade H (kr) wrote: Hellraiser 2 picked up right the first one left off and it showed plenty of flashbacks just in case you needed a refresher on the original. This one took place almost entirely in "hell" and it was very trippy and bizarre with all sorts of crazy things happening left and right. It dug a little deeper into the origin story of the Cenobites but there were parts that just didnt make sense, especially the insane and rather stupid ending. I enjoyed some aspects of the film but so far this series is just a little to sic-fi for me and very slim on actual horror.