The Sword of Alexander

The Sword of Alexander

Orichalcum is a mystical metal material that gives great powers to the life form that possesses it. Many Eons ago, the Orichalcum was split into three and landed on Earth. The metal then took the form of three relics: Skanda’s Vajra, Jew’s Cross, and the Sword of Alexander. Anyone able to re-unite these three Orichalcum relics would then obtain the powers of a God. Now two rival aliens are in a heated race to reunite the Orichalcum. They land in Edo era Tokyo where the relics are thought to exist.

Brace yourself for a hilarious action-filled ride with The Sword of Alexander! Based on a serial story by Yumemakura Baku... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aisha G (br) wrote: Despite rave reviews from industryprofessionals based on trailer, a huge hype before film release, soldout booking of theatres in Punjab, the film failed to meet theexpectations and promises made in trailers. In result, film tookU-turn on very second day of release and turns out to be biggestdisappointment of Punjabi film industry with worse acting anddirection. The scenes didn't make much sense and seemed like copies of latest bollywood hit films. After the first show of the film,audience bombarded youtube and facebook with negative comments thathelped making decision for cine-goers.PUNJABI VICH:Bahut saare paise de ke review likhaye gaye honge, trailer bahut vadhia cut ke dikhaya gia, raula bahut paaya gia, theatre vi book ho gaye, song vi release keete par fer vi film nahi challi. Direction te acting bahut kharab hai. Bahut saarian filmaan di copy hoyi check kar lao ....

Bavner D (gb) wrote: Kisah petualangan hidup Gustave M. dan Mustafa muda dikemas dengan komedi ringan yang tidak membosankan. Kedua sosok ini juga memperlihatkan sebuah hubungan atasan-bawahan yang kemudian luntur menjadi "sahabat" lewat sebuah kesetiakawanan dan loyalitas. Harapan saya, mungkin film ini patut dijadikan sebagai salah satu criterion collection. Film berdurasi 100 menit mungkin adalah salah satu yang terbaik di tahun 2014. Penonton tidak akan menyesal untuk mengeksplorasi dunia The Grand Budapest hotel yang penuh warna, aksi, dan tawa.

Karla M (es) wrote: Maybe 90% of the reason I gave it a 5-star rating is because of the bar scene. It hit me where I needed it most. Jack never asked to be loved Jill. That's your damn, hard luck.

Lynne M (au) wrote: Superb cast, awful script and poor directing. Had no focus, too many flashbacks. Left us confused.

Bob T (us) wrote: Spoiler-Alerts... I think this movie is under-rated. A lot of people enjoy this type of movie with the mystery behind it. I saw that some people say it had an absurd plot & I bet if in the ending , the kids wound up on an alien world with-OUT the religious overtones , that word would not be used. In any facet of science & life in general , there are "anomalies" and those are always fun to explore!

Matt G (us) wrote: Wonderfully macabre gothic mystery with fantastic cinematography and special effects, just the right amount of light comedy, and a great creature creation in the horseman. Overly convoluted by the reveal at the end, but far from boring; one of the last good Depp / Burton collabs.

Louie R (fr) wrote: i guess i didnt get the point. the different scenes of him getting shot in the theatre were funny though.

Joah H (nl) wrote: I would hate to be me if I were you right now!!!

Elaine K (ag) wrote: I loved this movie! Great story, great acting, especially by Diana Ross! This was her very first movie and she did great! It was very touching and moving, but very sad. She should have won an oscar for it, but they didn't give it to her. She got cheated!

Nick F (au) wrote: A scene-stealing Steve McQueen and solid war action from director John Sturges are some of the highlights of this Sinatra actioner that is undone by the romance subplot. The look of the film is an impressive mix of exotic and eye-catching locales and wonderful sets, including some great jungle ones. The Lollabrigda scenes with Sinatra have no spark at all and just serve to slow the movie down.

Autumn M (jp) wrote: Although William Holden is actually too old for the part he is playing (which is why he was reluctant to do the film) his performance as the underdog with only his looks and athletic prowess going for him works well in this film. Great performances, especially by Rosalind Russell, who sinks her claws into Holden both figuratively and physically. I adored the actual picnic scenes that gave the movie some comedy and a real hometown feeling - left me longing to have a small town picnic after watching. The music is what really steals the movie, the scene of Holden and Novak is romantic and captivating.

Martin T (mx) wrote: One of my favorite Ozus. The characters and situations are very real. Setsuko Hara is insanely good in the lead role.

Rodney E (nl) wrote: Maybe I have to see this again as it could have been ok but I thought this pretty much sucked and had nothing going for it. I'm normally indifferent to horror movies made in modern times that try to be noiry.

Miguel R (ag) wrote: While it's fun and funny thanks to its quirky moments, the plot of Mars Attacks is so ridiculous and cheesy that its results are miserable to watch

Kieran F (au) wrote: When it came to the books this as my favourite of the bunch. When it came to the films...I still enjoyed this one(just as much as the hunt for Red October it's predecessor) the story is fun and en joying. , Ryan foils an attempted assassination, thereby incurring the wrath of a maniacal Irish radical (Sean Bean). But...IDK it just didn't have the out standing performances as HfRO. YES Ford was better then Baldwin but...the supporting actors where dull. I mean Sean Bean was okay but he wasn't that great either....he was just..there.All in all though it's a great addition to the series it just needed a few more interesting characters.

Cronis M (au) wrote: Brilliant end-of-career touch on bigotry and racial hatred as a step-forward from that entrapment.

Ryan W (es) wrote: This movie is funny at times don't get me wrong but the character of zohan is very irritating throughout the whole film not to mention that jokes are just about his dick the whole movie the only real funny parts are when they are not talking about his dick.its also formulaic and cliched throughout the whole film all in all the movie is forgettable and just not very funny....nbkjjkjjkhjhkhkgjkhgjkhh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,u

Srinivas K (fr) wrote: great movie. does a ship remain the same ship if all of its parts are replaced until no original part remains? do things and people have a soul, a higher function, that has its own identity other than its material parts?