The Sword of Doom

The Sword of Doom

Through his unconscionable actions against others, a sociopath samurai builds a trail of vendettas that follow him closely.

Through his unconscionable actions against others, a sociopath samurai builds a trail of vendettas that follow him closely. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James M (ag) wrote: I've watched some rubbish this weekend, but this is the worst so far, one of the worst films I've ever seen, terrible story, not gritty, just sh*tty.

Michael A (gb) wrote: Slow dull experience with has been pornstar Sasha Grey...I would tell her to go back to porn but she's just too damn ugly.

Nikolas G (us) wrote: very strong film . it makes you feel sick sometimes ...

Amanda (ag) wrote: This is one of those movies were you have nothing else better to do, rather than watching this. It definitely wasn't too great, and depressingly boring at times, but it's sort of interesting. So, in conclusion this movie is godawful. It's not absolutely terrible, but it's pretty bad. Maybe the last 20 minutes were alright. But nonetheless I didn't like it much.

Greg W (br) wrote: from the director of 'shakespeare in love" comes this taunt thriller

Dan C (gb) wrote: A documentary about anti-Semitism in the US, focusing on what has been happening after 9/11. It's really sad and frightening to see that this is still common.

Wiebke K (ru) wrote: While the vision of Paris in the future is an interesting one, the black and white animation was not working for me throughout the entire movie -- some scenes got too murky to make out what was going on. The plot itself was not unusual -- as I if I had seen it before, just cannot remember.

Nicholas G (kr) wrote: I came expecting a dumb fun adventure movie and I got it.

Marissa H (jp) wrote: Mine n Halyles Film lol fukin gr8 film

John F (kr) wrote: Unconventional and offbeat - spend two hours and be entertained.

Andrew K (mx) wrote: If you've ever fantasized of Kevin Spacey yelling and being an overall dick to you for seemingly no reason, then this is the film for you. If you can get past the late game sadism, and the blind-siding ending.

Brian W (de) wrote: I can't be the only one who kept expecting Alan Rickman to say, "Do you really think you have a chance against us, mister cowboy?"

Holly (it) wrote: funny a little different like it

Max S (us) wrote: I hadn't seen this in ages. I used to love it when I was a kid...I still do.

Adrian B (de) wrote: It has to be said that before viewing this film, I really had no idea what to expect since I was not familiar with the band "The Talking Heads." What may be more surprising is how astounded I was by the whole the 88 minutes of their three day concert in Hollywood that just rolled on by. Unlike typical concert films, this one is just pretty much continuous footage of this group performing their songs, including title tune, with no plot line what-so-ever. This maybe the best film from 1984. Tremendously riveting concert film that needs no additional storyline or corruption or background footage to succeed. The movie is essentially the members of the famous, unique rock band performing their songs, and wow, they are excellent performances. The instruments are very unique, the costumes are cool, the ladies are hot, and the singing is incredibly good. A must for any movie, documentary, and music (everything in general, not just rock or punk or new wave) buff!

Gena D (jp) wrote: this is something that grabs me but will likely anger David.