The Taking

The Taking

Two strangers must discover a way to escape a sinister family who wishes to sacrifice their souls to an evil presence.

The film tells a story of two strangers who attempt to track down a way to escape a tragedy when their family hope to sacrifice the soul to an evil presence. What challenges must they face to attain their goal? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carl M (ca) wrote: Several of America's federal buildings have fallen under attack by embittered war veterans, who unleash a deadly toxin that turns normal people into psychotic killers. THE TERROR EXPERIMENT is a muddles mess of a film that can never decide if it wants to be a disaster movie or a zombie shocker. It throws out references to everything from Area 51 to the attacks on 9/11 to the military's experimental drug use in Vietnam in a vain attempt at social significance that is undermined by the overall unintelligence of the script. The extra money that was used to sign Jason London and C. Thomas Howell would have been better spent coming up with a more inventive plot, but instead we are left with a typically bland revision of George Romero's THE CRAZIES as set in a federal office building. The real test becomes trying to make it to the end of this dreadful experiment.

Andrew B (us) wrote: neither underplayed or over dramatic a refreshingly realistic and balanced approach to the messy world of relationships, a film about everyday romance you can actually relate to

Liam M (ru) wrote: Eli Roth is human marmite, and you know what...I fucking love marmite. Crunchy, bloody, boney, delicious marmite. Roth revels in the absurdly grim, making you feel bad and doing it with style. This is a nasty little movie that I couldn't help but fall in love with.

Steve S (mx) wrote: I like the place of introspective comfort this movie takes me to. For one, it's a literary story with plenty of narrative, which always pulls me in and, Thomas Newman's lovely soundtrack really underscores the poignancy ?This is a fine story about Love through the eyes of flawed humanity ?with the one constant throughout the movie being Love, in all it's various forms ?And, what you're left with is the continuum of Life transformation via Love's (not always easy but always enriching) lessons...

Yoshi A (it) wrote: The All Mighty Ruler

Colin P (mx) wrote: Moontrap is a star vehicle for a guy (Koenig) who was a supporting actor on the 60's Star Trek television series. It really seems like he might have had a hand in writing Moontrap (which is credited to the clearly fictitious "Tex Ragsdale"), as the insecurities of his character seem to be a reflection of how you would imagine Koenig himself might feel about his own career. His character frequently comments on how he should've let someone younger take this mission, and that he "blew it". But then, of course, he single handedly dispatches a half dozen killer moon robots and has space sex with a foxy moon alien. The truly outrageous part is how absolutely terrible Koenig's acting is. You are really forced to wonder if he has any human emotions at all to use as frame of reference. All this sounds like it would add up to some great cheesy movie watching, and it passes as that... pretty much. The goods (monsters, Bruce Campbell) are delivered far too infrequently in favor of boring and glaringly inaccurate NASA procedural scenes and clumsy, ineptly written dialogue scenes with the astronauts.Note to Bruce Campbell completists; This movie, in terms of Bruce content, is probably not worth the effort it takes to find it. Campbell is present for much of the movie, but isn't given many lines. He does go pretty wild during his death scene but when he is resurrected in monsterized form, it only lasts for a few seconds.

Alberto G (br) wrote: Quizas algunos la odiaran y otros la amaran, la adoraran, pero no te dejara indiferente. Extraordinaria!

KJ P (it) wrote: This is one of the biggest slaps on the face I have seen in a long time. As they mix together jokes from films that are not even in the horror genre, it just becomes more annoying than films like this usually are. It follows the same events of the "Paranormal Activity" films, while connecting it to films such as "The Devil Inside, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, and The Dark Knight Rises," just to name a few. Every single joke falls flat on it's face and had me shaking my head. The jokes are stale, the filmmaking is absolutely terrible, and the low-budget is not even hidden well. This is the first 2013 film I have viewed so far. Wow! Off to a great start! One of the worst spoofs I have ever seen!

Jake A (ag) wrote: This superhero film has its own unique style and general tone and with it being based on DC characters I didn't know all that much about it was a journey of discovery over the course of three hours and even though the film doesn't manage to completely sustain itself over that runtime I wasn't bored and this film had more than enough great moments to justify that runtime. Visually this film is brilliant and not just thanks to the special effects as the way the action is shot for instance is really well done and talking of the action it is brutal, hard hitting, gloriously violent and in parts entertaining. The soundtrack is also great, nice mix of well known pop and rock songs mixed with classical music which does overshadow the score which though decent isn't all that memorable. The plot is solid enough and the script although serviceable and having mostly decent dialogue doesn't really delve deep into these characters which given the runtime is a wasted opportunity. I also like the cast, the Cold War setting is a great idea and despite the flaws this is still a likable film that given more viewings I can see becoming even more enjoyable.