The Tall Guy

The Tall Guy

An American actor in England tries to find love and work.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   sneeze,   sneezing,  

Dexter King plays straight man to unpleasant comedian Ron Anderson. He falls in love with Kate, a pretty nurse he meets when he is receiving injections for hay fever. When Anderson fires ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Tall Guy torrent reviews

Jay H (ca) wrote: Simply "Fascinating"!What a thoughtful and brilliant insight into an iconic character and the man behind him that will be forever remembered.Just one observation. What's withJ J Abrahms? He breaks Spock's nose and Han Solo's leg???? ;)

Scott C (it) wrote: A good premise, with solid acting. However, the pacing seemed off to me. I had to watch it over 3 different sittings - not a good sign.

Chrles Dvid H (gb) wrote: The story is crap, but in 3D the dancing really shines.

Tristan M (ca) wrote: This movie was both far different and better than I expected it to be. It has two different plots, the one the trailer shows seems to be left behined and a different one takes it place. Instead of him fighting against a gang tryin to gain control of an apartment building as I thought, he began work for an agent (I think). The two plots didn't get in the way of each other too much, but I think the original plot idea I expected should have been the focus. But it works out ok, it's not action packed, there's a few parts, but even then they don't come until later on. He's not the ideal action hero like most movies of the type, which is an interesting change. He gets captured, beaten and almost executed, more than once. The first half of the movie isn't all that great, kinda boring with a dull plot, and brings down my rating. But the second half is quite good. It's were stuff starts happening, and when the action takes place. The final shootout with him against the kids in the gang at the apartment was pretty good, with realistic sounds, and less of the insane accuracy that most other movies have. He accidentally kills a innocent woman, and then gets wounded in the neck. As he's sitting down on a couch with one hand on the severe wound and his pistol in the other, a small kid with a pistol walks into the room. I though nothing about it, other than he was going to shoot the kid and someone would come and save him. But to my suprise and disbelief, the young kid shot our main character/hero in the head! I was so suprised, and for the first time I got a ending different than EVERY OTHER ending out there. That was simply the end of the movie, and that interesting/different ending brings up my low rating a lot. So I guess I didn't care much for the film, but the last 15 minutes were worth it for a change. I don't know if more movies should end like this or not, but it's the first time I've seen it happen, and my emotions are mixed.

Michael M (jp) wrote: What a f*cking pile.

Marisa R (us) wrote: I am loyal to Madhuri no matter what, but this movie got a little slow at times. And yes, it is pure Bollywood in a frozen glass... ahhh for your Bollywood thrist, it is perfect. I prefer less silly plots... pretending to be a dog? well, it doesn't surprise me coming from Shahrukh.

Adam R (ca) wrote: Definitely a must-see classic for everybody. A superbly well-made film with great acting. Marlon Brando in particular is at the top of his game, and delivers an emotional punch. (First viewing - 1/21/2009)

Chris S (de) wrote: The cartoon shorts are somewhat entertaining, but there isn't much to them and they get boring after a while.

Stephen L (au) wrote: poor little rich boys dream to make his dreams into a movie, whata pile of shite ..

John R (de) wrote: 160116: After a long call with a friend discussing movies, life and such, decided in a drunken state to watch this film, Lord of War; or should I say War Lord? A different friend had come over earlier and we shot the shit, during which four Pilsner were consumed. Then, he left. Having had no dinner, I commenced with two day old Panago and blueberry Palmetto Moonshine. I fell asleep in the last third and had to rewind the film to get back on track. I had this movie rated at five stars. Can't say I'd go that far now, but still enjoyed. Due to the world in which we live, sadly, has lost some of its dramatic effect.