The Tattered Dress

The Tattered Dress

After a wild night, wealthy Michael Reston's adulterous wife Charleen comes home with her ripe young body barely concealed by a dress in rags; murder results. Top defense lawyer J.G. Blane, whose own marriage exists in name only, arrives in Desert View, Nevada to find the townsfolk and politically powerful Sheriff Hoak distinctly hostile to the Restons. In due course, Blane discovers he's been "taken for a ride," and that quiet desert communities can be deadly...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:trial,   train,   sheriff,  

When top lawyer James Blane gets an acquittal for a man who killed another man for sexually roughing up his trophy wife, the murderous town sheriff frames him for bribing a juror in the case. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John Eric D (ca) wrote: One of those typical Statham films that is still interesting to watch. A guy who wants to live in peacefully with his daughter though his past suddenly haunts him. Not bad actually. Statham as one of my favorite action heroes of today, really shines as well as his action moves are still fascinating to watch. A very well made action drama and still a good flick to watch and recommended to all fathers actually. 3.5 out of 5.

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Te S (kr) wrote: Not one of the best full movies

Joel P (mx) wrote: Worth the watch just for Bruce Willis - freaking hilarious!!

Steve (it) wrote: Just watched it wish I hadn't. bit of a waste of time. My first Blu ray film to .

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Alex r (de) wrote: Sequel to Night of the Demons is a fun and entertaining picture that has all the good elements of the first, but lacks slightly in originality. The film still has all the gore and ghouls that you'd expect, but you realize that it could have been better. Personally I feel that Kevin S. Tenney, director of the first should have directed this and this sequel could have benefited from his personal touch. Despite this, the film is amusing, and relies on the gore to compensate for the lack of original ideas on-screen. The film has all the usual horror clichs and you end not caring when the characters get knocked off due to the fact most of them are idiots and shallow and have no depth. For what it is, this is a worthwhile follow-up to the first one even if it's not perfect; it still should be seen by fans of the original. This is better than most sequels and despite all its clichs; it delivers everything you'd expect from a horror film. The plot is interesting, but lacks in some areas, and like I said, it's also its biggest flaw, as it tends to recycle a few ideas from the first. Does are mild complaints, and I found this one to be a well crafted film that if you enjoyed the first film, then you're sure to love this. The film boasts some impressive special effects and it is the film's high point along with the gore. The Night of the Demons films, are in my opinion strictly gore flicks, and the most certainly deliver in that department. A good sequel that overcomes its imperfections due to its gore. Near the ends it gets slightly silly, but it's all in good fun. If you love gore, don't pass up on this.

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Damien K (ru) wrote: I don't care about the "time/period" context of this movie, it was really degrading for both Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong. An appalling yet accurate example of historical racism, the film shows how any thing great from African heritage in America is only legitimized by the co-option and exploitation of White Supremist Capitalism. It happened with jazz, it happened with rock and roll, and it's still happening with hip-hop. The title song is sung beautifully by Billie Holiday in the beginning, and then at the end it is diluted, over-produced and then safely packaged for a rich white audience.

Maciej Z (au) wrote: Couldn't pull through the end.

Nguyen V (fr) wrote: Blending a coming-of-age story with social commentary, Shane Meadows has directed a film that packs an emotional wallop with thought-provoking themes and dialogue, powered by the performances of Thomas Turgoose and Stephen Graham.

Chayc (au) wrote: None of the stories are spectacular, but they're all at least watchable, which is more than can be said of a lot of recent anthologies. For me, St.Patrick's Day and Father's Day worked best.