The Tenth Circle

The Tenth Circle

Based on Jodi Picoult's best-selling novel, "The Tenth Circle" tells the powerful story that probes the unbreakable bond between parent and child.

A family's well-kept secrets are exposed when the daughter accuses her ex-boyfriend of rape. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chaitanya K (jp) wrote: Usual Kung fu of Donnie yen. Only lesser.

Stuart K (ag) wrote: Based upon the book by Walter Kim first published in 1999, and directed by Mike Mills (Beginners (2010)), this is a touching, quirky and funny film about growing pains and the stuggle to break certain habits. It has a very good cast, and made for a meagre $4 million, it manages to do quite a bit with not a lot, but it is a very memorable film. It's odd and it won't be for everyone, but something rings true about it. 17 year old Justin Cobb (Lou Pucci) is a shy high-school student who keeps to himself, but he still sucks his thumb, which irritates his parents Audrey (Tilda Swinton) and Mike (Vincent D'Onofrio), who he refers to by their first name. This habit has led to Justin having major orthodontic repair work, but his dentist Dr. Perry Lyman (Keanu Reeves) is able to put Justin into a hypnotic trance to get him off sucking his thumb, but this makes him even more miserable, and it affects his schoolwork. His parents put him on Ritalin, which improves his social skills and leads to him doing really well at school, but it leads to him becoming quite aggressive. Thumbsucker is a good little indie film, and it's a good character piece, but it's quirkiness does work against it at times, especially in the middle. But it manages to be likeable for the most part, and it shows how teenagers can deal with the angst that happens.

Corey T (ca) wrote: Slow start and rather silly story. I have not seen the first one, so I can not compare them.

Toad K (us) wrote: One of my favorites of all time

Chris W (jp) wrote: Based on actual events, this is a gripping examination of of a squad of soldiers who find themselves heavily embroiled in the moral quagmire of the Vietnam War.ed PFC Eriksson (Michael J. Fox) is an idyllic soldier new to the territory. He's soldiering with a squad of hardened men lead by the young but volatile Sgt. Tony Meserve (Sean Penn). After Meserve's best friend is killed, he vows revenge. Part of that process involves going to a village to kidnap a girl whom he belives is allied with the VC. His intention is to use her as "mobile R & R". Eriksson is horrified by this, but is outvoted, and looks on in horror and disgust as his squad (which includes debuts from John C. Reilly and John Leguizamo) brutally treats, rapes, then kills the girl.Despite risk of severe retaliation, and the indifference of his superiors (Ving Rhames and Dale Dye), Eriksson is determined to bring his fellow soldiers to justice.It seems inevitable that most if not all of the New Hollywood directors have made a war film, specifically one concerning Vietnam. This is Brian DePalma's entry in that category, and, it's quite good.It lacks a lot of his overt cynicism and gimmickry, focusing instead on heavy themes and character. Don't get me wrong, there's some great camera work, a wonderful look, and a strong score from Ennio Morricone, but this is mostly a showcase from DePalma playing it straight. There's nothing wrong with that either, because it's a pretty solid film.Yes, the film does get a little too sappy and sentimental towards the end, maybe a bit too feel good, bt it's mostly earned. Also, Fox is quite compelling and convincing, but I think he was perhaps too pure of a character. He's still good though, and really sympathetic. As good as he is though, he of course gets overshadowed by Sean Penn. Penn, as expected is fiercely intense, unhinged, and memorable. The aforementioned supporters are all pretty decent, too, giving hints of greater things to come.All in all, this is a really good film, and you should check it out. Yeah, it is flawed, but even then it's still pretty worthwhile.

Bob W (ca) wrote: Grisly pre-code tale of a jealous and murderous husband that uses mambas, alligators, lions, etc. to do his dirty work-though he isn't afraid to get his own hands involved in "sewing" more evil. Of course he eventually must be victim of poetic justice. Atwill often played evil characters effectively. There is also a bit of screwball comedy to mix in with the unexpectedly graphic scenes for 1933.

Simon D (mx) wrote: I quite enjoyed this. It was quite original and while it stuck to the successful formula that has worked for Disney for years, it was different. It was set in China which I would have thought would be outside their comfort zone a bit.

Victor M (ru) wrote: Leaving aside the political issue, "Munich" is efficient and effective as an action thriller film. But as an ethical argument, it is dubious. If the film would've been made by other not Jewish director, we could take a look in a more impartial way. In my opinion, there are some timid questionings to the Israeli policy of vengeance but in the end their methods are validated.

Lee M (ag) wrote: Playing out like The Crow meets I Spit On Your Grave with a Native American twist, Avenged is frenzied, ferocious, and a bloody good revenge story.

Francis M (ca) wrote: I couldn't take me eyes off this disturbing man, showing what a gifted actor / director Attenborough is. Tense and gripping.High notes -Dr - Richard Fleischer.Ac - Richard Attenborough.

David L (nl) wrote: The BEST Movie ever!!!