The Terrorists

The Terrorists

A gang of hijackers led by Ray Petrie (Ian McShane) seize a British plane as it is landing in Scandinavia. Ruthless military police chief Colonel Tahlvik (Sean Connery) is assigned to ...

A gang of hijackers led by Ray Petrie (Ian McShane) seize a British plane as it is landing in Scandinavia. Ruthless military police chief Colonel Tahlvik (Sean Connery) is assigned to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt A (it) wrote: A fun, charming and slightly meandering movie that did all that it set out to do consummately

Justin W (kr) wrote: This movie had more plot holes than any movie i have ever seen. If its nota plot hole its beyond unrealistic. At one point a student plants pot in the main characters locker. So far it doesn't sound too over the top, but he plants over half an ounce! Its just something they could have easily changed. I mean really he planted like $180 worth of weed! Seriously a gram or two would have made sense. Then of course there's no problems with the cops even though he would be behind bars for at least a day. The countless plot holes just made the movie hard to watch. The few stars i gave to this movie were for the creativeness of the story as a whole. With a few changes this movie would have been great!

Danielle M (jp) wrote: I thought this movie was really cute and I wasn't expecting the twist. Parts of it were a little too much, but still funny. It was better than I expected and I would recommend watching it if you are into romantic comedies.

Jacob P (kr) wrote: Quite possibly one of the greatest films SyFy has ever done. It's bad. Everything about it is bad. From the acting to the really bad make-up\costume design. But it's good....from the first minute to the last. The story is really awesome, and some scenes were just brutal. Definately one of my Top 3 SyFy films, ever made. Loved it.

Ricky G (ca) wrote: Great show. So much better than the movie version. The bonus features in my opinion are some of the coolest parts. Jonathan Larson's legacy will live on

Sarah S (ca) wrote: Not great. Why this cast would waste their energy on such a weak plot, I'll never know.

Joe C (ru) wrote: This movie is so cool with excellent martial arts and fantastic swordplay. The best of Hark Tsui's movies.

Justin W (nl) wrote: now this is a quality of those so-bad-it's-good films that's easy to love. it's just so fun to make fun entertainingly bad. it's pretty spectacular. i just wish it was a comedy so i could say that the film was 'pre-hysterical'....'cause that's an amazing phrase that needs to be used. anyway, watch it.

Andrey B (de) wrote: The beautiful premise but very bad and confusing execution. At the end it doesn't even look like a horror movie but some sort of a bad melodrama.

Matthew S (kr) wrote: Shamelessly manipulative melodrama won Bette Davis an Oscar. It is still quite entertaining, but it actually just a professionally made tearjerker typical of the era.

Will E (ca) wrote: This talky, set-bound crime melodrama features a lovely young Bette Davis, the fakest backdrops I've ever seen, and Bogart's breakout supporting role as gangster-on-the-run Duke Mantee. Bogie looks cool as hell, all whipcord leanness and desperate, suppressed rage, but his persona hadn't yet reached the heights of CASABLANCA or THE BIG SLEEP. It's more Peter Brady in that one Brady Bunch episode; you know, "Pork chops and applesauce."

brian j (kr) wrote: This restored film brings back to the viewer the original length experience which has been enhanced by the 4K restoration. It is a work of art and a joy to behold. This truly was Peter O'Toole's greatest performance combined with a host of wonderful Hollywood stars and brilliant direction making this one of the greatest films of all time.Brian.m.Johnson.

william m (de) wrote: Jason Sudeikis is great, but there's not much beyond that. Worth a watch.

Julie (nl) wrote: It was an okay movie but nothing more.