The Thief

The Thief

1952 black and white Cold War spy film, entirely without dialog

A chance accident causes a nuclear physicist selling top secret material to the Russians to fall under FBI scrutiny and go on the run. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Perrine B (fr) wrote: Thomas, la cinquantaine est un dessinateur de BD en quete de renouveau. Il semble installe dans une vie qui ne lui convient plus. Un jour il se trompe de train et se retrouve quelques heures dans son village d enfance. C est alors qu il perd connaissance et se reveille dans le passe de ses 14 ans. Sa mere est toujours en vie. Son pere pas encore parti. Voici l occasion de tenter de faire changer d avis ce dernier. Mais peut-on influer sur ce qui s est deja passe? Le film s est inspire du manga de Jiro Taniguchii, prix angouleme 2003. Je ne l ai pas lu et ne comparerai donc pas le film au livre. J ai beaucoup aime l esthetique du film, et le retour dans une France rurale des annees 60 vue au travers des yeux de quelqu un qui redecouvre tous ces details qui font notre quotidien et auxquels on ne fait plus attention (les livres, batiments, materiel scolaire, petit dejeuner etc.). Avec aussi de tres jolies relations entre Thomas et sa mere, sa sur et son amour de jeunesse. Celle avec son pere etant plus compliquee, distante, avec des non-dits que Thomas va essayer de percer. Jonathan Zaccai incarne ce pere absent avant l heure avec beaucoup de justesse et de retenue. Alexandra Maria Lara est la mere effacee qui a besoin d amour et d attention. Leo Legrand est pas mal du tout en jeune Thomas, physiquement on dirait un jeune Benoit Magimel (mais pourtant l adulte est joue par Pascal Greggory - tres bien aussi). Seule la fin m a vraiment decue. Un peu trop radicale a mon got.*****SPOILER****Bruno, a la gare, disant a son fils : tu me comprendras peut-etre quand tu auras mon age . Et Thomas de repeter l action de son pere lors de son retour... Apparemment il l a effectivement compris, au point de partager son destin. Comme quoi, d avoir vecu lui-meme cet abandon ne va pas le decider a epargner cette douleur a sa famille. Morale plutt triste.

Harry S (ru) wrote: Not One Point I Laughed At This Film.

Mark S (mx) wrote: ok.. ran out of gas.. i forgot about that once i saw rider strong.its easy to forget about the ridiculous plot once you realize its cannibals taking over and killing for food.rider strong, michael madsen and vinne jones.. kinda reminded me of mad max and the road warrior but it wasnt suck compared to the other films in this installment.

Khaled M (ru) wrote: Freaky and Twisted ... and for an oscar winners performance , it was ugly

Remi K (ca) wrote: Worst movie ever!!!!!

Steve S (nl) wrote: An independent film to say the least that would probably bypass 9/10 people that walk into a video store. I caught sight of this film on television and I must say that it wasn't bad. This movie really digs inside to you and shows why you just shouldn't get into the professional gabbling industry. I thought it was an interesting choice of cast with Johnny Galecki playing the "badass" of the group when I'm so used to seeing him on The Big Bang Theory and in Roseanne. I would've thought he'd play the opposite like Lukas Haas' character, the nerdy bookkeeper of the bets that is never 100 percent certain whether he wants to remain involved or not.Overall, It's not a movie you'll talk about for the rest of your life and it wont ever be considered a cult classic, but it was well made and worth my time.

Anuj S (ca) wrote: "Jesus" and "Booger" are two of the best character names ever.

Tapio W (de) wrote: Svankmajer is brutally good. Even without his trademark disturbing animation.

Michael S (au) wrote: One of my top ten movies. I re-watch it at least twice a year.

juan p (es) wrote: anybody saw this movie yet?

Kate E (ca) wrote: My fave film and I have watched it many times

Mike C (de) wrote: Kansas City Bomber is both a gritty realistic action film. Aside from the obvious plot drama Kansas City Bomber is probably the first movie to reveal the life of second rate athletes. This movie takes some chances with showing the skaters as they were in the 70s mostly middle aged and lonely people who travel from city to city in buses hanging out together in cheap bars and getting no other joy from their lives except while signing their fans autographs.

Anonymous A (de) wrote: The Movie is not bad, but is a disappointment for the fans

Adam R (ru) wrote: Electrifying! Bette Davis and Joan Crawford are on fire in this creepy psychological thriller. Their personal disdain for each other created natural tension that was perfect for the film. Very disturbing, but definitely a movie everybody should see. (First and only viewing - 11/14/2013)

Matt H (ca) wrote: I just don't understand the intentions of this movie at all. It all just seems to fail at every level. When compared to Bringing Up Baby (I know it's not fair) it's just baffling in its difference in quality. It ultimately comes down to a pretty bad story that doesn't make any sense, and its characters' actions are mostly not believable.

Andrew S (it) wrote: As far as movies about talking animals go, it could've been a lot worse.