The Thin Red Line

The Thin Red Line

Set during the Allied invasion of the island of Guadalcanal in the Pacific theater during WWII, this film is based on the novel by James Jones. Keir Dullea is Private Doll, who dreads the invasion and steals a pistol to help him protect himself. Sergeant Welsh (Jack Warden), a caustic, battle-scarred veteran, hates Doll, whom he considers a coward. In battle, Doll kills a Japanese soldier and is filled with remorse, which further angers the sergeant. The next day, an emboldened Doll wipes out an entire enemy machine gun post and begins to feel as sadistic as Welsh. The two must work together to clear away some mines, but as they do, their platoon is surprised by a Japanese raid.

In Guadalcanal during World War II, a private and his sergeant clash during the heat of battle with the Japanese. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael K (au) wrote: Thank god for Lance Henrikson, otherwise I would've never made it through this film , Gina Holden was WAAAAY too naive and they should have shot ALMOST EVERYBODY they met, except Bishop I mean whoever Lance was LOL!

Ken Gabriel A (it) wrote: This movie gave me emotional feels after like I knew this was something great and exactly so Bob Marley is a human inspiration to humanity as he's influenced reggae, Rasta, and Jamaican societal struggle.

Jannine k (ru) wrote: OMG chris borwn who widnae want to see this

Max L (kr) wrote: If someone fights with his life after you hurt him so much, what would you do? What if he is ???????? Oh, I am melting.

Vikas M (ag) wrote: The sucess of this film relies on the brillaint performace of Mahesh Babu as an undercover cop who pretends to be a gangster and kills the biggest mafia rings in Asia. The comedy seems out of place but Bhramanandam garu is fun to watch none the less. Raju Sundaram master as done an excellent job with the song "dole dole" and the rest of the songs are good to listen to. The dialog " Once im committed i dont even listen to myself" is one of the cleaverly written dialogs. Overall noa bad flick after all.

Riley H (de) wrote: Cox's problem is that, since the mid 80s, no one will give him a budget. I was not familiar with the play (though I like it now), but it's nice to see the same modernizing that happens with Shakespeare being applied to other authors of that period. If this movie had a better budget, and wasn't so obviously the product of early digital video, it would be significantly better. As it stands though, the adaptation appears pretty decent (to someone unfamiliar with the original play). I certainly enjoyed myself. I would check out other Middleton adaptations on the strength of this.

Alicia A (es) wrote: An unusual movie depicting the abject poverty and sad history of neglect on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation. A strong bond between brothers one a law enforcement officer the other an alcoholic. An unforfortuate act of vigilantism by one brother negatively impacts the other. Many native actors will be recognized from various movie and/or television roles.

Harry D (au) wrote: Steel dragon are far crapper than the excellent Judas Priest. The songs are dung. This could have been much better.

Tj P (au) wrote: gotta jump on the grenades

Ca M (us) wrote: I'm rating this as if I was a child watching it again, fun and memorable.

Tom S (ru) wrote: I currentley rate this as my most hated film.

Ashley B (jp) wrote: I've heard this is stupid, good, insane, inappropriate, and hilarious. I have mixed feelings about this so I'm going to see this.

Stephen S (br) wrote: Pretty dumb, but still an entertaining watch. This is such an 80s movie's even more 80s than Top Gun, and if you've seen that, you have an idea of how cliched this is.

Eddie P (ca) wrote: Is some of the humor juvenile, yes, but honestly, Grandma's Boy is one heck of a guilty pleasure. (THUMPS UP)

Rawballs B (mx) wrote: The sequel boost more on foolishness and dullness but on the other hand its worth the wait because of the two leading men that made the film dumbly entertaining.,. =D