The Things of Life

The Things of Life

Pierre, a successful expert in building highways has a traffic accident. Being seriously wounded, he is lying waiting for death and remembering his past in flashbacks.

Pierre, a successful engineer in building highways has a traffic accident. Being seriously wounded, he is lying waiting for death and remembering his past in flashbacks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew M (au) wrote: It shouldn't be this hard to make a Need for Speed movie. The video game franchise the movie is based on is largely story-less: it's all high-octane street races and police chases in souped up sports cars of all kinds. The main problem with Need for Speed, at least for the first act, is the way it takes the story very seriously, as opposed to the over-the-top video games. Aaron Paul leads the pack as Toby Marshall, a former racer (who is the best, of course) who is pulled back into the world of street racing when his young protege is killed by his rival (Dominic Cooper). All of the characters that are set up aren't particularly likeable, and have no character traits outside of your standard cookie-cutter tropes. It's hard to find any attachment to these characters as they arrogantly race their fancy sports cars in scenes that lack a sense of levity and showcase a disregard for everyone else on the road.Things start to pick up in the second act, but only at the expense of the racing focus of the Need for Speed video games being swapped out for what's essentially a road movie more than anything. The movie completely loses sight of its source material, and considering its the most prevalent section of the film, the Need for Speed namesake almost becomes questionable, and yet, the film finally becomes a bit enjoyable in this section of the movie. It's an odd juxtaposition that makes the film suffer from an identity crisis of sorts. This act, however, does introduce who is truly the savior of the film: the always lovely Imogen Poots, playing car broker Julia. Poots infuses a lot of charm into her character, while also giving her tiny but admirable character quirks that maker her character feel the most relatable among the rest of the cast. The rest of the cast does have more to do here, and their comedic personalities are highlighted at least a little more than before. While they have literally no impact on the plot, scenes like the one in which Rami Malek strips naked as he quits his job are oddly amusing.The car chases also finally embrace their absurdity in this portion of the film. While the disregard for everyone else on the road is still there, the way the chases were filmed using mostly practical effects and actual car crashes is actually quite refreshing. Each car crash feels real because, for the most part, they are real. There's an occasional use of CGI fire that is distracting, but the rest of the time, the crashes are quite visceral. The final race that the film concludes with, including the presence of police, feels like it was ripped right out of one of the games. By this point though, the film has been all over the place tonally and narratively, and the ending just can't pack enough of a punch to propel this movie to anything further than a by-the-numbers action racing flick.

Florian R (nl) wrote: Passez , il n'y a rien voir ! Un film qui commence avec un sc (C)nario peu pouss (C), voire ridicule. Un film qui , manque de suspense , de piquant , de dynamisme , malgr (C) des acteurs connus , comme Val Kimer , Sharon Stone ,ou 50 Cent , pourtant rien n'est r (C)ussi . Un budget qui doit pas tre (C)norme , la mise en scne est pauvre, c'est mal film (C) pour les scnes d'action . Pour un policier, on dirait les t (C)l (C)films du dimanche aprs midi . De plus, on ne trouve pas d'me en les acteurs qui semblent totalement superficiels . On a beau dire que les policiers am (C)ricains font toujours fureurs , c'est faux , Streets of blood est sorti directement en DVD , par peur d'un gros bide au cin (C)ma .

John B (kr) wrote: Pretty good movie all about an angry teenager that is mad at the world. Hilary Duff plays a great character and falls in line in this movie. A must see....

Denis K (fr) wrote: Jo-go-lev and Zooey otp.

Geoff J (ca) wrote: Decent little indie chiller, with a lovely little sense of menace..

Goutham R (gb) wrote: Pretty good documentary about Al Jazeera during coverage of the war. "Western media shows missiles leaving. We show them arriving." The US marine in the movie, Josh Rushing, now works for Al Jazeera English!

Tyler M (es) wrote: Until death did them part. It's a love story of completely different kind... The Story: When Wilson Joel's wife commits suicide, his own life spirals out of control as he becomes addicted to huffing gasoline fumes. It's a fairly simple story, and it's told in a slightly schizophrenic way. You might find yourself asking "Is this the same day?" or wondering how much time has passed. Maybe it's meant to be a little disorienting due to the nature of Wilson's growing addiction, I really couldn't tell you. It's got a strong script and a truly gritty style that will make anyone swear this could be real. At times you won't feel like just another viewer, you'll feel as though you're actually there, sitting with Wilson, crying with him, or even riding in the car with him. It's a fairly unsettling experience, but it's one of the best character studies I've ever seen. The Cast: Philip Seymour Hoffman... Phillip Seymour Hoffman is Wilson Joel, a man slowly dying of a broken heart. You'll watch as his mind deteriorates with each passing huff, this is one of films more tragic characters. You can't help but feel sorry for him as he becomes more and more pathetic. It's hard to imagine this character done by anyone else, not saying that he looks like someone that would huff gasoline but saying that he manages to look as though he's truly damned. As in Capote (which came out long after this), he gives a performance that fails to be anything less than perfect. Yeah, he's that good. One to Five Scale: 5 Strong script, strong character, and great acting make this one a new favorite. My highest recommendations for anyone that's a fan of drama or even a fan of dark humor. Rent it, buy it, do whatever you need to, just make sure you see it. Tyler

Anthony W (us) wrote: After seeing this its no wonder they haven't made another Wing Commander game since.

Rob S (it) wrote: Charming, but a little long in the tooth. James Belushi is actually pretty good.

Grayson W (es) wrote: What's not to like? It's pretty wacky, has one of the wildest parties in 80s teen comedy history, Anthony Michael Hall as the nerd, John Kusack as another nerd and Long Duc Dong (who is also fun in another over the top 80s film called Vamp). Just as in Pretty in Pink, the plot is of Molly Ringwald arbitrarily being in love with a random rich guy she has nothing in common with, but just like in Pretty in Pink, most of the fun is what happens Around her. Also has a fun soundtrack that includes Patti Smith and Oingo Boingo.

Eugene M (ca) wrote: My all time favorite John Wayne movie. Ernie Kovacs turns in a sterling performance.

Christina G (it) wrote: Olivia de Havilland, Best Actress, 1946, as "Jody Norris" in "To Each His Own".

Lee J (kr) wrote: A really well made movie that doesnt resort to shoe horned songs, chase scenes or shameless sentimentality. A breath of fresh Martian air.