The Third Part of the Night

The Third Part of the Night

Set during the Nazi occupation of Poland, in which Michal witnesses the murder of his mother, wife and child. He is hurled into a life that literally is not his own; a surreal world littered with trapdoors, doppelgängers and wormholes. It also tells the true untold story of a Nazi vaccine laboratory where Jews and members of the resistance were “employed” as feeders for parasites infected with typhus.

Set during the occupation of Poland during World War II. Some German soldiers, slaughter a woman, her son and daughter-in-law. The husband and his father escape by being in the forest. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frances H (br) wrote: I loved this movie! In some wonderful but unfathomable way it was tragic and funny, sometimes at the same moment. But it worked. The women of the village, with help from their religious leaders, some Ukrainian strippers, and hashish stop their men from participating in current religious strife. This movie proves why women should rule the world. Great flick.

Scott Don J (jp) wrote: Poor film the story sucks,the fighting Is poor and the actors are wooden...vinnie jones is about the only decent thing in the film...not recommended.

Isaac T (mx) wrote: A tragic story, beautifully told. Illustrative of the lies told by the bush administration.

The Bad G (es) wrote: It's unfortunate that some of this poses as documentary because it's still a very honest look at China's modern history.

maria (nl) wrote: were can I see it in morroco

Greg R (au) wrote: I really liked this film the film time I saw it when it was in theaters, but looking back on it years later, I still enjoy it, but I realize that this is a pretty formulaic inner-city-teacher film genre. Yet I'd still check it out if your into this type of film.

Emmit S (ag) wrote: I hate this movie he was so stupid dag

horse c (ru) wrote: OK...could have been much better

Andrew S (br) wrote: I know I could have spent these 90 minutes more wisely, but I was curious to see Lee Marvin in his penultimate film. It's a made-for-television sequel that is as corny and as uninspired as the performance given by Marvin, who appears to be drunk most of the time. The plot line is basically the same as the original film, only this time there is nobody among the filthy twelve to match the charisma of Cassavetes, Bronson, Savalas, Sutherland, Brown, et al. Instead we get Larry Wilcox from "CHiPs" as the token redneck, Sonny Landham as the wooden Indian, and a Cassavetes-lite Ken Wahl. Only Ricco Ross (better known as Frost in "Aliens") makes an impression, although it's unclear why they ever thought a black guy should be on a mission in which they pose as Nazis. Director Andrew V. McLaglen was responsible for a lot of B-level war movies around this time and he does handle the action scenes, when they arrive, with some aplomb. It's my guess that they revived the series to cash in on the success of Stripes and Police Academy, although the laughs here are mostly unintentional, and the film's pleasures are punctuated with an asterisk of guilt.

Reggie W (kr) wrote: exceptional story and cast makes this a period of extraordinary Amrricana

Gino P (br) wrote: love the sound and texture, and rourke kicks ass, but the story-telling leaves room for improvement.

Svein H (ru) wrote: Strangely compelling movie, which on one level really isn't much to write home about, yet at the same time it fascinates. Worth watching once, if nothing else for the immortal line "Honey, I am more man than you'll ever be, and more woman than you'll ever get."

Dill M (ru) wrote: An action classic that kicked off the movie series that defined the "buddy cop" genre

Jennifer B (ru) wrote: Very good very heartwarming inspirational

Tom M (gb) wrote: Fairly dry and not much of a story but decent performances and beautiful cinematography make it feel like more than it is. Certainly nowhere near Mitchum, Monroe, or Preminger's best.If you've a comfortable familiarity with 50s westerns and know how they speak you'll be able to dig out some good themes and interesting commentary, but most of it will be you projecting onto the movie and helping it make more of a statement than it does on its own.Good for a light afternoon, but probably not something I'll return to down the line.