The Thomas Crown Affair

The Thomas Crown Affair

Young businessman, Thomas Crown is bored and decides to plan a robbery and assigns a professional agent with the right information to the job. However, Crown is soon betrayed yet cannot blow his cover because he’s in love.

A debonair, adventuresome bank executive believes he has pulled off the perfect multi-million dollar heist, only to match wits with a sexy insurance investigator who will do anything to get her man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gavin D (mx) wrote: Interesting i guess, but doesn't really go anywhere. More of an exploitation of the word than an actual exploration.

Goliath P (ca) wrote: Awesome Awesome, It got me!

Ash J (it) wrote: What the hell? One day I might actually watch this one.

Chucho E Q (de) wrote: I need to re-watch this, haven't seen it in a while.

Luke K (us) wrote: When I found out that the director of one of my favourite movies of the year (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl) had previously made another movie - let alone a horror film - I was very excited. And I wanted to like this movie so badly, and it sucks to say that it ended up being pretty damn average. I couldn't wait to see how Rejon could utilise his unique style and visual flair within a horror feature, and there were definitely moments of aesthetic prowess where you can see his effort and creative individuality. However, I found that the film was sadly dragged down by a formulaic narrative, uneven acting and moments of very lazy writing. The film did have a rich and vibrant aesthetic, but I don't think the campy and fun feel of its style was reflected in the other aspects of the film, and it ended up feeling off and disjointed. I couldn't tell what it was going for: the tone was too serious to mesh with the campy style, but the film wasn't nearly scary enough to warrant such a seriousness. It was weird and I couldn't get invested.I had high hopes for the The Town that Dreaded Sundown, and I will say it's approach as a 'remake' to the 1976 original (where the original film exists within this film's universe) was notably original and well executed. But as a whole, the film did not work for me and was unfortunately pretty forgettable.

Eric H (ag) wrote: As a movie lover not familiar with the famous Broadway version of "Barefoot in the Park," I can say that my lack of knowledge may have bolstered how much I liked this film adaptation. It could be said that it is basically a filmed play, but even then, it's so enjoyable and funny that the fact that it's so character-driven isn't distracting. Jane Fonda and Robert Redford have great chemistry, and both give great performances to boot. Even viewed almost fifty-years later, there's something about "Barefoot in the Park" that is still refreshing today. It's somewhat of a romantic comedy, but the focus is less on trying to make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Instead, we can't help but pray that hopefully the marriage of Paul and Corie will eventually work out in the end. They're such likable people: they're young, attractive and witty, and they're played by two actors who have an ample amount of charisma. Because we act as voyeurs to their marriage, we can see that their personalities don't always match up. Since we learn to enjoy them (and it isn't hard, believe me), it doesn't take long for us to care about them, and that's a key part to films like this one. Neil Simon's screenplay is near-perfect, as it has a excellent balance of stinging humor and drama that isn't overbearing. The dialogue flows without any trouble, and the characterizations are simple but effective. The romance between Paul and Corie is often times sweet, but the focus is less on cuteness and more on the difficulties of an early marriage. To have a screenplay can be so often times funny but also so human and realistic is very tricky; but Simon handles it in a way that makes it look easy. "Barefoot in the Park" is an underrated classic movie that is simple but entertaining and effective. They certainly don't make 'em like this anymore.

Duby D (br) wrote: This film quickly became absolutely tedious, with poor action and unsatisfying action sequences, buttressed by horrible pacing and embarrassing dialog. The character of Solomon Kane had wonderful potential, again, with his conflicted and complex back-story, but he became static, with only formulaic motivation propelling his dull and boring quest.