The Threat

The Threat

An escaped con kidnaps the people he thinks put him behind bars.

Vicious hood 'Red' Kluger escapes from Folsom Prison and carries through on his threats to the detective who arrested him and the D.A. who got him convicted. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicholas S (de) wrote: Technophobic fear mongering.

Prassy V (mx) wrote: good music and better screenplay

Carlos M (ca) wrote: Jarmusch knows quite well the kind of engrossing atmosphere that he wants to invoke with this story of old-fashioned, cultivated vampires who feel deeply disappointed in people's disdain for Science and Art and are doomed to succumb in the mediocrity that dominates the world.

Greg W (jp) wrote: inspiring and very moving film

Dean M (fr) wrote: I recognized David Chokachi from TV's Baywatch as one of American Special Forces soldiers. The bats are very flesh-eating creatures than 1999's Bats, but the computer generated are worst that didn't make it look real to me.

Jeremy C (us) wrote: While it takes many liberties with the source material, it suffers many of the same faults, particularly a glacial pace and overly long flashbacks. However, the movie doesn't have Straub's rich prose to fill in the gaps. And whereas the novel eventually conveys a sense of urgency and danger, the movie is pretty bland through and through.

Paul C (us) wrote: Wordy and intellectual, yet nonetheless involving though i did find the horse eye-gouging scene distasteful (even for a film made in the 1970's) - it did have the added plus of another fantastic nude appearance from the completely lovely Jenny Agutter though!

Sarfara A (de) wrote: Jacob's Ladder - American psychological horror film written and produced by Bruce Joel Rubin and directed by Adrian Lyne. Starring Tim Robbins, Elizabeth Pea and Danny Aiello. It inspired several films including franchise 'Silent Hill' as well as a remake Jacob's Ladder is announced. Jacob [Tim Robbins] plays a Vietnam veteran who suffers from hallucinative imagination - and nightmarish flashback of last time getting injured at the Vietnam-war battle. These ghastly images open up twisted-thread. Film is nowhere near being called as 'horror' (not even psychological aspect of it qualify it to be referred as horror). Film's central theme is inspired from the real-incident of usage of hallucinative medicines in the Vietnam-war by the Pentagon (an allegation that was denied by Pentagon). Good acting, soothing music-score!

Briana T (br) wrote: While I agree the production and cinematography needed work, overall I liked this movie. If you read the book, this movie followed the book very closely and as a fan of the book I quite enjoyed the movie. It's frustrating to see 30 - 50 year old men and women rating a movie meant for girls 15 - 25. This movie was more for the fans who contributed to its crowdfunding than outsiders unfamiliar with the "overstuffed backstory".