The Three Faces of Eve

The Three Faces of Eve

Classic dramatization of America's best-known case of a woman suffering from multiple personality disorder, and her road to recovery.

When a woman is suspected to have Multiple Personality Disorder, psychiatrist Dr. Luther tries to find the right answer for the odd case. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Drew N (nl) wrote: I love my fair share of bleak and painful movies, but this one is incredibly mind-numbing and pointlessly boring. OK, so Russia is a bleak place, I get the picture. This message is overvalued by critics because it's paired with very good directing. The thing is, the directing doesn't change the terrible script. The good directing is the only thing keeping me from considering this movie a 0/10.It's not that hard to make everything feel grey, what's important is where you take that feeling, and this film takes it nowhere. I understand that this is the whole point of the movie, but that's why it's not a good movie. There are always deep intricacies in human existence even when we run into dead ends, but this movie ignores everything except the dead ends. If you want to see a movie that creates this kind of feeling but actually takes it somewhere with artistic value, look up Bela Tarr.

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Elaine S (ru) wrote: Proof that true love can break through anything, even time. Isn't that we're all looking for? How many of us wouldn't like the opportunity to go back in time to a moment where we made a mistake or let go?

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Rachael G (it) wrote: sad and heart-warming!

John M (mx) wrote: Bullets or Ballots (1936) 6/10:fresh: I just caught this one on TCM. I figured that with a cast featuring Edward G. Robinson and Humprey Bogart, that this would be a good crime-drama...well, it was okay, but I was ultimately let down. Bogart is surprisingly bad. There were moments when it looked as if he was racing through his lines. Robinson and Joan Blondell are good, though. There is just nothing too noteworthy about this film, other than this is the first time that Robinson and Bogart appeared on screen together.

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