The Time We Are Living

The Time We Are Living


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Mitch H (es) wrote: Great retrospective. The producers have solidified themselves as music doc exemplaries after Amy and this.

Luciano G (fr) wrote: I would say its OK, don't expect to be impress but it ain't trash either..... the fact that it don't take itself seriously at all really help giving it the free pass....

Justin J (es) wrote: I really like Drama movies like this where small town girl leaves her small town to follow her big dreams in the big city.

Ummay B (au) wrote: A wonderful 3 in 1Wedding!!!!! Nice movie! The second couple was the best!Oh yeaaa the wedding planner!!! hahahaha....he did a nice job anyways!

Ed Fucking H (es) wrote: Don't even bother. Shitty CGI.Shitty Acting. Shitty Editing. The concept was good enough I guess, but the execution is just too fucking horrible to come up with anything good to say about it. Avoid.

rajiv 2 (ca) wrote: pretty good autobiography film with decent performance especially for the young Kodi Smit-McPhee .,and the cinematography is very breathtaking, it is the best thing in this movie for me, very well-matched with the pacing of the movie, and the director subtle style of direction, it creates peaceful mood so it's easier for viewer to feel the emotions.,

Mika S (ru) wrote: "A few days in the life of..." sort of movie. Curiously interesting because of it's plainness, simplicity, and realistic portrayal of people coping with the confusions that abound in our day-to-day-life, re: how to define & where to find love, fulfillment, and self-worth. A reminder that sometimes reality is weirder than fiction.

Alex A (de) wrote: Macy plays a brillant character. This is a great film that is easily forgotten in todays film market.

IamTonika E (fr) wrote: I didn't recently see this movie...but I did just recently encounter a lady that reminded me of one of the characters in this movie. I LOVE this movie, but it can be difficult to watch due to the subject matter. For those that can stomach the subject matter it is a MUST comes on Lifetime often.

Luke S (gb) wrote: Silly, but genuinely a good comedy.

Maria (jp) wrote: This Is Called "HORROR" So Scary (Y)

Gabriel C (es) wrote: Dwayne Johnson remains as badass as ever, but San Andreas is nothing more than a shallow disaster flick with underdeveloped characters and distracting product placements.