The Top Bet

The Top Bet

Anita Mui plays the sister of the Saint of Gamblers, and also possesses supernatural gambling abilities. However, she chooses not to use her powers. She decides to come to Hong Kong to retrieve her brother and bring him back to China. There she meets his assistant, Ng, who is without the Saint of Gamblers, as he has headed off on a cruise. Ng asks Mui to compete in the next tournament, but she turns him down. Mui stays at Ng's house, and helps him find another player to compete. But when Mui finds out that the opposition also has supernatural gambling abilities, she throws the gauntlet down and prepares for the match of her life.

Taiwanese triad leader Chung Chan (Jeffrey Lau) demands that the Saint of Gamblers, Chow Sing Cho (Stephen Chow), play cards for him at an upcoming gambling tournament - at the stake of his... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alberto A (br) wrote: La Jaula de Oro es definitivamente una de las mejores pelculas del ao, y de las mejores mexicanas que he visto. La vi ya hace varias semanas pero no poda transmitir mis pensamientos con palabras as que lo pospuse un poco. La Jaula de Oro cuenta con grandes actuaciones que nos hacen recordar lo difcil que es vivir en este mundo donde haya gente que tenga que arriesgar su vida para llegar a una jaula ms bonita. Cuenta tambi (C)n con excelentes personajes que nos muestran que a trav (C)s de las fronteras, la bsqueda de la felicidad a trav (C)s del dinero es casi universal. A fin de cuentas, la pelcula tambi (C)n es una crtica a la ilusin que brinda Estados Unidos al mundo acerca de cmo es una "fbrica de sueos hechos realidad", que a fin de cuentas es una utopa y no existe. Bastante buena y un must-see!

Thomas T (ag) wrote: Formulaic rom-com but oddly refreshing at the same time. The usual "Best of Blighty" in attendance.

Tom D (us) wrote: Caitlin Stasey is good, but the film itself is fairly ordinary.

Dj R (ca) wrote: I was a big fan of this movie for some reason. A few changes i would have made but good for low budget cheeseness.

Martin D (us) wrote: A far cry from the Sweden of Ingmar Bergman, SLIM SUSIE (SMALA SUSSIE) presents a small town world of drugs, crime, and pornography. Erik (Jonas Rimeika) returns to his home town of Bruket after living in Stockholm. He has come to investigate the disappearance of his sister Susie, a former beauty queen whom he is quite fond of. But as he begins to dig into the underbelly of the city, he discovers a world of crime and seedy affairs, and is shocked to discover that his cute little sister is involved in this sordid underworld. SLIM SUSIE is a black comedy that reverses the common "corruption in the big city" theme by looking at the criminal elements in a small town.

John H (ru) wrote: I didnt like it. Not very funny, not very deep.

John P (mx) wrote: The September Eleventh attacks are one of the best documented events in modern history. Every facet of the disaster and its aftermath has been covered from every possible angle. There have been countless films and TV specials made about it, from the standard Discovery and History Channel docs, to dramatizations like World Trade Center and United 93, to crackpot conspiracy vehicles like the reprehensible Loose Change. Most of these films had bigger budgets, wider focuses, and more in depth analysis than this film. But 9/11 has something that no other film about the tragedy has: extensive footage from inside the towers. And unlike every other film about that day, it was made entirely by accident. When brothers Jules and Gdon Naudet came to America in the summer of 2001, they had no idea that they would be filming one of the greatest disasters in our nation's history. Their intention was to make a documentary about what it takes to become a member of the New York City Fire Department. For this purpose, the two brothers moved into an FDNY fire house and followed the daily activities of rookie firefighter Tony Benetatos. These early scenes, filmed in the months preceding the attacks, give no hint of the horror that is to come. Instead we see the deep bonds between the members of the fire company, watch Tony gradually become accepted by the other men, and watch vignettes of everyday life in the FDNY. And then it happened. Although the filmmakers admit it may be something of a clich, September eleventh really did begin just like any other day. For the men of Engine 7/Ladder 1/Battalion 1, the day began with a routine report of a gas leak, which turned out to be nothing more than a false alarm. But as they were putting up their equipment, there came a roar overhead. Jules turned his camera upwards, and caught the unforgettable image of a hijacked 747 slamming into the north tower of the World Trade Center. In an instant, everything changed. Lower Manhattan became a disaster zone. And a situation that seemingly couldn't get worse got worse, and then got worse again. The footage that follows for the next hour captures the horror, the shock, and the confusion at the site of the attack in a way that no dramatization or reenactment ever could. Watching crowds trying to process the enormity of what they've just seen and the chiefs struggle to get a picture of what's happening and organize a response, we're starkly reminded that no-one was prepared, and the sheer magnitude of the disaster simply overwhelmed any possible response. Everywhere, chaos reigns. At the World Trade Center, communications and the chain of command have all but broken down. With all their focus and reaching the fire and getting everyone out, the first responders know less than people watching their TVs halfway around the world. The men in Tower 1 didn't even realize that Tower 2 had collapsed until they were outside; they only knew that something was seriously wrong and they needed to get out. And after the towers fell, the chaos and confusion only became worse. In the hours that followed, there was no way to establish a headcount or know who was still alive. With much of New York shrouded in suffocating clouds of smoke and dust, nothing was certain. Until they saw each other's faces, neither brother was sure that the other was still alive. And as hour after hour passes with everyone accounted for except Tony, I began to wonder if he had made it out. When he stepped through the doors of the firehouse, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Just as important as the footage of the unfolding tragedy is the later interviews with the men involved. Through these interviews, we gain deeper insight into the men's mental and emotional states on that day, and we see them trying to put what's happened what's happened into perspective. And we feel their pain as they hear the nightly reports of those confirmed dead and attend the funerals of fallen comrades. Yet in the final few moments, as they begin fighting fires again, accept new trainees, and settle back into their routine, the film takes on a hopeful tone. For we are reminded that somehow, even after unimaginable loss, life goes on. You grieve, you come to terms with your loss, you never forget, but you live your life again. I doubt that there is anyone who will not be moved by this film. All the horror, shock, and determination of that day will come rushing back to you. As I watched, it seemed like it was happening all over again, and I myself all but going through the seven stages of grief. This may not be the most detailed or in-depth examination of the September 11th attacks, but it is surely the most powerful.

jaycen T (it) wrote: Val kilmer is the man!

Private U (ag) wrote: Yes I DID watch this movie. So what?!! It was on last Sunday. Oh. and its shit.

Sarah (us) wrote: Haha, this looks hilarious!

Simon T (de) wrote: Gorgeously photographed comedy western in which feisty Kim Darby hires pot-bellied alcoholic John Wayne to track down her father's assassin. It's really every battle of the sexes movie you've ever seen but with horses and a rousing Elmer Bernstein score. Glen Campbell is pretty dull as the third main character, but sings the title song nicely.

David J (jp) wrote: "Beware the stare of Mary Shaw. She had no children only dolls. And if you see her in your dreams. You must never, ever scream." Fortunately for you, "Dead Silence" is so devoid of scares, you're likely to be as silent as the grave.

Pablo B (br) wrote: Dentro de mi aficin de ver pelculas tengo una nueva seccin que solo a mi me importa, jaja, "Clsicos revisited", la cual consiste en volver a ver pelculas que hace muuuchos aos que no veo, pero reinterpretndolas siendo ahora ms viejo y un espectador con opinin ms refinada. Algunas son menos bacanes de lo que recordaba, otras mejores, etc.As me puse a ver "Notting Hill" (1999), que es de las pocas que aguanto de un gnero que detesto profundamente, la comedia romntica. Las detesto pq suelen caer en facilismos como ser muy melosas, idealizaciones varias, situaciones inverosmiles, etc. No se, "Quiero robarme a la novia" ("Made of honor", 2008) me parece un horror de pelcula que ejemplifica todo lo anterior. 0.5 de 5, jaja."Notting Hill" parte de una premisa muy cuento de hadas. De hecho creo que ya es como un cuento de hadas moderno, quien no ha visto "Notting Hill". Creo que intentan llevar de la manera ms verosmil posible la historia de este Ceniciento moderno que es Hugh Grant. Y creo que tienen xito, las cosas no se van dando de un da pa otro en la pelcula. Creo que hacen sus cosas con mucha sutileza, se toman su tpo.Personalmente considero lo mximo el humor britnico, lleno de irona. La talla britnica siempre tienes que pensarla una fraccin de segundo, no es humor inmediato. Como que tiende a apuntar delicadamente a la incompetencia propia o de otros. O poner cara de poker al decir algo francamente ridculo. Eso me encanta, y esta pelcula est llena de ello. Los amigos de Hugh Grant son lo mximo, mucho autodesprecio (self-deprecating como se llama el gnero en ingls) en su humor, jaja. Considero que son parte muy importante de la peli.Muy centrado siempre el personaje de Hugh Grant, muy educado. Se le ve desencantado de la vida, y por eso anda siempre con el freno de mano puesto frente a su inslita situacin. Como intuyendo una nueva y muy posible derrota. Bien Grant en toda la peli. Actuacin muy low key de Julia Roberts, muy apropiada a lo que es la pelcula. Su personaje se va abriendo de a poco con Grant. Aunque igual Roberts me parece de lo menos bueno de la pelcula. Quiz es pq al ser gringa no domina con naturalidad el humor british. Me parecen bien reflejados los problemas de una celebridad, como el acoso de la prensa, de que se hable de su vida privada en farndula, etc. Uno no se detiene mucho a pensar eso. Y bueno, el final lo encuentro bastante mamn, pero lo aguanto pq considero que la peli est en general re bien desarrollada.En sntesis, una pelcula sutil, no muy melosa (todo un logro dentro del gnero), y llena del humor british que tanto nos gusta a algunos. 4 de 5.

Rupa B (us) wrote: On of the worst timesucks.