The Torment

The Torment


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:76 minutes
  • Release:1937
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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The Torment torrent reviews

Gaurav S (jp) wrote: Ramu has forgotten how to make a movie...

Jarek M (de) wrote: What can I say about Sauna is european movies are underestimated sometimes. Sauna is non linear climate horror with historical filed (appointing finnish/russian borders in 1595). The movie is not simple one dimensional slasher/gore/scary movie, it has depth but i'm leaving that to the audience.

Jamie C (ca) wrote: Good but a little silly but at least it's different to what Adam usually does and the kids will love it too.

Honelyn G (es) wrote: all the things i look for in a movie..a perfect blend of comedy,romance,and drama..

Thalia I (kr) wrote: Un recordatorio d q hay q disfrutar cada etapa d la vida y enfocarse en el presente

Eric R (jp) wrote: Two unemployed slacker teenagers have no real motivation or future prospects at all. They hang out in their sheltered town in China where they spend their days aimlessly wondering about their uncertain future ahead. The most appealing aspect of Zhang Ke Jia's film is it's observation of Chinese culture and the western world's influence on this ancient civilization. The two slackers minds are full of pop music and western culture dreams completely without focus on their past or future. At times the film feels very hypnotic as these two characters feel very out of place and almost alone in a weird place, which happens to be the place they presumably have lived their entire lives creating a very real sense of alienation. The film makes this connection between a countries need to industrialize and grow in this ever changing global landscape while still holding on to tradition and purpose which Zhang Ke Jia seems to believe comes from one's past. I don't think the film is a detriment to Western Culture, not at all, but rather an examination on how these various elements can conflict in China, as it heads towards a new age of Industrialization. The whole film is very subtle, as viewer is asked to merely observe these characters. The camera-work is also very observational in it's approach, often scanning various room and/or showing smaller details of a space. This is another great observational film by Zhang Ke Jia who clearly has a lot of things to say about the social, political and economical ever-changing conditions in China.

Jake P (gb) wrote: It's not a great movie in any sense & I'm sure by now it's fatally dated but in 2002 if you we're between the ages of 8 & 12 it was a smash.

Mike C (nl) wrote: Formulaic 90's action vehicle for Jean-Claude Van Damme that is so bad you actually wish Natasha Henstridge could break into her Species character to make it interesting.

Mary (ag) wrote: Did not like this one at all. Was so disapointed........

Elliot T (it) wrote: Interesting in what it depicts (living in communist Yugoslavia). Probably brilliant at the time, today not so much. Kusturica has done better since

Peter N (br) wrote: This one still goes to 11!

Tom G (fr) wrote: A fascinating telling of postwar Japan, focusing on what life was like for women prostitutes at that time. The cast all do a superb job. This was my first introduction to Suzuki, whom I will definitely be checking out more from.

Kristal C (fr) wrote: Pretty cool considering when it was produced but a bit like an educational film about a sea voyage. I didn't really get the feel of what it would be like to be on that boat - "Blue Water, White Death" does that so much better.

Andrew I (au) wrote: Apart from a few tiny smirks, there's little to recommend this. It's dated in the extreme and is barely a notch above a bad Three Stooges film. Even though it's meant to be a farce of some sort, the plot is tiresome and ludicrous with the luggage salesman especially irritating. 5.5/10

Darine S (mx) wrote: Not the best of Fred & Ginger but still better than shall we dance !

Lynne K (ag) wrote: 1.5 stars, but only because I liked the soundtrack. Such great actors, but such a bad movie.

Christopher B (au) wrote: Plot and script seem too formulaic to draw me into the action. Camera directing is hard to watch, and there is no reason to identify with the protagonist. Overall, simply lacks.

Faceless V (es) wrote: [8/10] A twist of fate can lead you to dire perils or just great fortunes. [8/10]

Darrell J (nl) wrote: Loved it, saw it twice, Rollins owned his role in this twisted, dark movie. Loved it.

Chris A (kr) wrote: The second in John Ford's Cavalry Trilogy includes some of the most beautiful cinematography I've ever seen, and one of Duke's best performances.