The Totenwackers

The Totenwackers

The Lopez Family just finished moving to their new home and are immediately astonished to witness unexplainable events.

The Lopez Family just finished moving to their new home and are immediately astonished to witness unexplainable events. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Borhan K (jp) wrote: Single Mum's Club is a Tyler Perry movie with class and heart. This is a fun movie that tells us the trials and tribulations of single mum's parenting and how their kids actions at school brings these beautiful strong women together.I found this movie to be very good and empowering to women and to teach men how to really treat their women in their lives and not treat them as ownership but to treat them as a honour and privilege to have special women in their lives.The best thing about this Tyler Perry movie is that it crosses the colur bonds and culture divide and teaches us we are all the same we all face the same issues in life and need family friends to support us no matter what our colour background and financial status is,The movie is PG and maybe suitable for the older kids 14 and above.

John M (gb) wrote: Remember when Mandy Moore was a big movie star?....

Jeremy S (ru) wrote: Complete turd. Unwatchable.

Martin H (fr) wrote: Seen this twice now and even though it's not the best Bruce Willis movie out there it's still fun seeing him in an action comedy. 6.5/10

David D (br) wrote: The opening minutes of this film tell the viewer both that it is not going to be a realistic film and that is going to be philosophical, rich in metaphor, and a bit pretentious. The visual imagery of this quite surreal and expressionistic movie is striking. The performances are top notch. The story is strange and occasionally preposterous but quite fascinating. This is one of those rare movies in which nonlinear storytelling works brilliantly. I strongly recommend this unique movie.

Benjamin B (gb) wrote: This movie was so bad I don't want to talk about it.

Lymarie R (br) wrote: Wow!!! What a great movie!!!

Itamar G (au) wrote: one of my fave movies i love trent ford

Richard L (us) wrote: Best Ben Affleck superhero movie out there. Still terrible though

monkeybird (it) wrote: another so so movie by seann william scott

Stasha M (es) wrote: ahhh! gossip girl is NOT better then this... oh god, if you didn't notice this movie was made in 2002! jesus, if anyone is copying anyone it's the other way around. i LOVE this movie. it was really touching, and the ending: great. overall i thought it was pretty good.

Eric H (jp) wrote: Frank Borzage was Hollywood's great romantic and History is Made at Midnight is one of his very best films. The luminous chemistry between Charles Boyer and the incomparable Jean Arthur (in one of her very best roles) lights up the screen. Borzage's direction is always delicate, elegant and brings the film a mystical quality from luminous nighttime Paris to the fog swept decks of the SS Princess Irene. The plot is excellent and takes a truly unexpected turn in the final third but it's the character moments like Boyer and Arthur's first night in Paris or their reunion in New York that entrance and linger the most. This was Frankenstein's actor Colin Clive's penultimate film before his untimely death to alcoholism at the mere age of thirty-seven. Made only seven years after his screams of "It's alive!" sent shivers down the halls of cinema history, his role here is far cry from that energetic performance and he is perfect as the lonely, desperate and bitter husband of Jean Arthur as sad as that seems. A true masterpiece that has been criminally neglected and forgotten by the populous and by critics who really should know better.

Ken S (ru) wrote: And I thought the second movie was bad..."Darkman III" is really bad, even though I want to like Jeff Fahey, I really don't. The movie is just hard to get through, and you are just counting down until the nonsense is all over. It is a shame this series couldn't sustain itself without Raimi.

Chris B (fr) wrote: Avalon, as directed by Mamoru Oshii, was a live action spiritual successor to Ghost in the Shell, but it just didn't connect the same way. Whereas Ghost in the Shell asked big questions about humanity, the soul and technology, this film failed to grab my interest in any way. The visuals are purposely filled with a monochromatic bloom effect, but they just end up looking muddled and distracting. There is absolutely no emotion in the film, which turns out to be a fatal flaw seeing as the lead character is looking for the meaning in her life. This is neither an action film, nor a drama, it falls somewhere in the middle, leaving it stranded between interests. Instead of combing the genres, it rejected them. The acting was terrible, the little music that was in the film was unmemorable and the effects were laughable. Surprisingly, the direction was one of the weakest aspects of the film, something that may have something to do with the director only having worked on animated films to that point. Either way, this one is not recommended to anyone, unless out of morbid curiosity. 1.5 out of 5 stars.

Bronwen M (kr) wrote: Oh dear, this is silly. But fun to watch on a lazy Saturday afternoon with friends and way too much chocolate. ;)

Adam R (br) wrote: (First and only viewing - 10/6/2010)

Keenan S (ag) wrote: How To Steal A Million is a superb heist film, a superb comedy, and a superb romance film all rolled into one truly great film. The chemistry between Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'Toole makes the film's already brilliant script shine even brighter since they always know how to make the viewer laugh and make everything seem convincing. This is tense, funny, and very exciting. It's easily one of the best heist films ever made.

Ryan R (es) wrote: A classic drama/suspense from the 60's. Just a good film, no real faults.

Arlie G (ca) wrote: 1st time viewing. Thoroughly enjoyed.