The Touch

The Touch

A seemingly happy Swedish housewife and mother begins an adulterous affair with a foreign archaeologist who is working near her home.

A seemingly happy Swedish housewife and mother begins an adulterous affair with a foreign archaeologist who is working near her home. But he is an emotionally scarred man, a Jewish survivor... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jaideep S (es) wrote: One haider is not enough

Sadie C (au) wrote: Such an amazing film. Perfectly balances suspense with humor. The movie captures the Paraguayan motto of "todo tranquilo" which means everything ins laid back, and really shows true Paraguayan culture.

Kenneth C (it) wrote: Although I don't condone what they did I can see how they got to it

Rahul B (ru) wrote: Every movie that Anurag Kashyap makes takes this trash of an industry forward by leaps and bounds... and this is no exception... may be this is one of his weaker films... but still way above the rest...

Jaime D (ca) wrote: The kind of movie you would pick up in a petrol station for a couple of quid, think "Mmmm Crispin Glover and Jason Lee, I've never heard of this" and then watch it and realise why.

Jeff S (nl) wrote: Just watched. The man was an a** but a genius nonetheless. Loved this!

Andres G (ca) wrote: hard to watch cause there is no subtitles when the human aliens talk. so unless you have a player with internet connection you dont get what they talk on "alien" language

Sarfara A (mx) wrote: El Dorado Dir: Howard Hawks Starring: JOHN WAYNE, Robert Mitchum, James Caan What else could you expect, when forces like Howard Hawks, and John Wayne meet together? Definitely 'Brilliance' 'Gem' whatever word out there exists to justify their immense influence over western movies. Based on the novel The Stars in Their Courses by Harry Brown. Howard Hawks' cowboys are neat clean and tidy, but here you cannot outwit Hawks, when he has dirtied character played by Robert Mitchum as drunk Sheriff. John Wayne, is average, but despite the fact that he has lived long, he has gained experience to muster his witty tactics to avoid being shot, by hidden nemesis, he is careful, always alert. Robert Mitchum, played his role, decisively, he knew what Hawks wanted from him. At the mid of movie, you happen to realize his humor-filled performance. James Caan's typifies his youngster role, and he is just filling the gap. I liked the set-designing, I have always been careful to praise and to notice set-designing in western movies; since this genre comes in top favorite list of genres I like the most. I loved set of old gaol, saloons, meal-house, and goldsmith shop. I found lighting, to have adjusted the theme of plot of movie. A brilliant work on brilliant western movie!

Michael G (ru) wrote: While the City Sleeps is a decent Fritz Lang movie that for the most part manages to blend a murder mystery with a movie about the newspaper business. Vincent Price does well enough as the vacuous and generally clueless inheritor of a newspaper that chums the waters with a promotion between the 3 main horses in the running. The romantic storyline between Dana Andrews and Sally Forrest got a little annoying and overall, the cast was pretty good even if George Sanders and Ida Lupino were grossly underused. Regardless, Lang pulled it together at the end even if it did fall out of orbit for most of the 3rd act.

Kevin H (jp) wrote: Saw this movie a few years ago. It is okay movie. Lots of funny moments. It is a good kid movie to watch with the family. I would recommend renting.

Juan B (ca) wrote: I really enjoyed this film. A very faithful adaptation of the original Japanese Anime I grew up watching. It gives me hope that not all my childhood memories need be destroyed by directors. When "Analyzer" started shooting the Gamilas I went crazy! Good film.