The Treasure

The Treasure

Nidhanaya is based on a dark tale by G.B. Senanayake and is considered a milestone film that people, even abroad, admire the most, albeit it is atypical of Lester James Peries’ customary family dramas. The story revolves around a psychotic killer yet is an underlying serious political study on the degradation of a class of society. In 1972 this film won the Silver Lion of St Mark at the 33th Venice International Film Festival and was selected as one of the outstanding films of the year, receiving a Diploma at the London Film Festival. It was also voted as the best film of the first 50 years of Sri Lankan cinema.

This dark, brooding Sri Lankan classic chronicles the tale of Willie Abeynayake (Gamini Fonseka) and his effort to uncover a treasure, which can only be attained by sacrificing a virgin ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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