The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Fred C. Dobbs and Bob Curtin, both down on their luck in Tampico, Mexico in 1925, meet up with a grizzled prospector named Howard and decide to join with him in search of gold in the wilds of central Mexico. Through enormous difficulties, they eventually succeed in finding gold, but bandits, the elements, and most especially greed threaten to turn their success into disaster.

Drifter Fred C. Dobbs, down and out in Tampico, Mexico, impulsively spends his last bit of dough on a lottery ticket. Getting broke, he and fellow indigent Bob Curtin convince an old prospector to help them mine for gold in the Sierra Madre Mountains. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brennan B (mx) wrote: One of my favorite movies now.

Blake P (kr) wrote: "Heaven" was supposed to be a part of something bigger. It was planned to be the beginning of an ambitious trilogy written and directed by Krzysztof Kie?lowski, whose "Three Colors" trio of the mid-1990s has been endlessly hailed by film snobs as some of the finest films ever made. "Heaven," predictably, would be continued by "Hell" and "Purgatory"- but before such high concept plans could be properly executed, Kie?lowski died in 1996 following unsuccessful open-heart surgery. He left behind screenplays for "Heaven" and "Hell," but it will never be known how he would have directed the individual pieces of material himself, or how "Purgatory," never to see the light of day, would have compared to its predecessors. But "Heaven" is not the kind of introduction that leaves us clamoring for more - whereas Kie?lowski's "Blue" was a gorgeously melancholic prelude to a trilogy of emotive masterpieces, "Heaven" bears the feeling of a half-planned experiment that rides high on mood and performance, struggling in its impact due to a fundamental lack of plot. Its cathexis is virile. But its storyline is contrived at best, hollow at worst, and the preposterous relationship portrayed between its leading characters inspires more mystification than empathy. "Heaven's" misconceptions, though, have nothing to do with its actors, who manage to emote persuasively in a movie that belittles them. It stars Cate Blanchett as Philippa, a British schoolteacher in Italy whose inherent good nature has been aggravated by the recent death of her husband. Knowing that it is the result of dealings with a local, powerful drug dealer - many of her young students have met similarly dire fates - Philippa has since done everything she can to kickstart a police investigation in the matter. But it's been a year of letters and calls to the government without any response; the law could be doing something, but are blatantly ignoring the truth. Philippa suspects they could be a part of the problem, too. Distraught and unsure of what else to do, she turns to the drastic and plants a bomb in the high rise office of the dealer, whose entrepreneurial status has made him basically impervious to her accusations. But the plan goes awry when the explosion instead kills a quartet of innocents, leaving the predator unhurt and Philippa accused of murder and assumed to be affiliated with a terrorist organization. During the interrogation process, though, she catches the eye of Filippo (Giovanni Ribisi), a young officer/translator who sympathizes with her claims. From there does "Heaven" lose its potential, surrendering to the stakes of a preposterous romance and morphing into a political thriller that doesn't have the hubris to lead us to a satisfyingly ferocious conclusion. In the ambit of a traditional movie, it would be unafraid to more thoroughly explore the issues of governmental corruption it so inauthentically attempts to characterize; it would also potentially ditch the hurried and incredulous romantic angle. But it's pretentious arthouse that I don't much care for and don't much care to take the time to praise. It likes itself more than it likes its audience, and without Kie?lowski's textured directorial eye to make it something other than arty fluff, I'd prefer you swim in the warm, exhilarating waters of his "Three Colors" trilogy than fly up to his supposed heaven. Tom Tykwer ("Run Lola Run") does his best replacing Kie?lowski in the director's chair, and Blanchett is an impressive successor to the Irene Jacob, Juliette Binoche type. But what a bother it is to walk through the inferior when the superior is as easy to access.

Mike S (ru) wrote: This movie was actually surprisingly good. Far more atmospheric and enjoyable than your average sci-fi channel garbage.

Ben P (ca) wrote: A surreal masterpiece and one of the most disturbing films ever made.

Ben S (es) wrote: John Wayne is a gunfighter that comes back to help a drunken sherrif in a range war. Not quite a remake of Rio Brave but there are plenty of similarities. El Dorado isn't as polished and the cast isn't quite as strong overall, but with the Duke, Robert Mitchum and James Caan in key roles there is no shortage of star power. El Dorado also manages to build the same warm and friendly atmosphere as the earlier film.

Adrian P (ag) wrote: This was a smash when it was released. I saw it when I was 6 or 7 and WOW! It spawned a wave of Davy Crockett hats etc was a smash. Saw it again after 60 years and it's still terrific. Fess Parker IS Davy Crockett!! Oh, the years of childhood! What a wonderful film. A classic and for me, a timeless classic. Red Stick, Major Norton and Georgie Russell will live with me forever.

Dave S (ag) wrote: If you want to see Gene and Judy together, stick with "The Pirate". This is okay, but the story is pretty slight and there's sort of a genre shift halfway through.

jay n (es) wrote: Really a nothing film, no more special then any of the hundreds churned out by Metro, albeit with a top flight cast, one far better then the material deserved. Of interest mostly since Jean died during filming and you sort of can't help watching and picking out the scenes where they used a double, most are easy to see, a rather ghoulish viewing experience.

Andrey B (es) wrote: A cult 80s horror movie. Its story is pretty disturbing and well executed with graphic special effects and gore.