The Trench

The Trench

The Trench tells the story of a group of young British soldiers on the eve of the Battle of the Somme in the summer of 1916, the worst defeat in British military history. Against this ill-fated backdrop, the movie depicts the soldiers' experience as a mixture of boredom, fear, panic, and restlessness, confined to a trench on the front lines.

Covering forty-eight hours in the days leading up to the Battle of the Somme in 1916, this film shows the conditions in the trenches during World War 1 and taking you into the minds of the soldiers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron H (br) wrote: Coming of age comedy that is touching and really funny...

Tony B (us) wrote: Mixed feelings about this film but it has a strong cast, overall thought provoking story, but felt long and very unsatisfying in the end.

Jerry F (mx) wrote: Not one of Steve Martin's best films. Good performance by Clare Danes and Jason Schwartzman, although 'Jeremy' is so anoying, you may go to sleep in the middle.

Geoff J (au) wrote: A superior slice of 90s action movie ham...

Kim N (it) wrote: What can I say? Very slow moving, hard to understand the point sometimes (like, why is this scene here?), and pretty much pointless. Of course, I don't like the choices she made in the long run and figure that is part of why I don't like the movie overall. But I think if it were faster moving and more interesting, I'd actually like it. I think there were huge flaws in character development, as we don't really know much about Harry ... and it would be nice to see more about *why* she chose as she did. Not one I'd recommend.

Thomas K (es) wrote: When this was first released I saw it in the theater a lot. My favorite Woody Allen film of the early slapstick era.

Luciene C (br) wrote: Gostei mais da estrutura do documentrio sobre a Cssia Eller, realmente fantstico. Mas Janis Joplin carismtica demais, doce e intensa, capaz de sustentar o interesse mesmo de quem no uma die-hard fan, como eu.