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Brady M (it) wrote: Channel Awesome and TGWTG's sequel to the far superior Kickassia, Suburban Knights was nice, but it wasn't exactly as fun as the first one, and really all these movies have going for them are the facts that we get to see our favorite characters team up in one hell of a crossover, and that we get to have fun with them on their adventure. You definitely got that in Kickassia, but not so much in this one. Much like Batman, it was the movie we deserved, but not the one we wanted.

Toto A (gb) wrote: A dazzingly inventive take about unconditional love. Paley manages to set a surprisingly understandable voyage by the complex merging of culture, humanity and humor; making Sita Sings the Blues an unforgettable experience.

Jesse M (it) wrote: An interesting premise ultimately falls flat and could've been made into more of a haunting character piece than what it ends up to be. Famke turns in a great performance though.

Timm S (us) wrote: The Role Played By Monic Hendrickx Is Somewhat Memorizing, I Felt William Could Of Driven His Performance A Little More Thoroughly. The Story Eventually Tacks A Different Direction, Somewhat Predictably. There Is A Bit Of Mystery, But It Otherwise Ends In A Rather Typical Manner. Mixing Romance & Horror-Thriller In A Outback Region Is A Weird Combination..But It Does Kinda Work. What Was Missing (And Is Revealed More In Deleted Secnes On The DVD) Was A Little More Comic-Serendipity Moments & Story Depth For The Farmer. At 85min It Brushes Through Things Pretty Quickly.

Private U (ag) wrote: I had never heard of the condition and the desire to learn more is what kept me interested. The "powers" of the mysterious character of Picasso were a little too hard to swallow.

Maha M (us) wrote: I loved the train scene Sophie was gorgeous but i didn't like the ending the "It's me it's me" i mean what the hell.

Barry N (gb) wrote: A genuinely funny politcal comedy that has a heart.

shawn W (br) wrote: This was terrible OMG worst then the reboot LMAO

Frances C (au) wrote: This made a huge return on its tiny budget - a few 100k from memory. Now you struggle to find anyone who remembers it. But its a little gem of a film, prefiguring the gritty realism with international appeal of The Full Monty and Billy Elliott. A bittersweet little love story.

Shae G (mx) wrote: I will admit, it's a dumb movie. But at the same time, it's ingenius and something that's just plain fun to watch. It wouldn't be my first choice, but I'm still glad that I saw it. I'm slightly disappointed with Johnny Depp's acting in this movie, however, because this movie is immediately following Nightmare on Elm Street, which is a cinemographic masterpiece. I give it 3 out of 5 because it's funny movie, but not something that should be watched more than once if given the choice.

Nick W (ca) wrote: Good acting, but suffers from cliche dialogue and terrible plot.

Grant S (de) wrote: Love in a time of sensory deprivation...A strange disease has afflicted the earth, depriving people of their sense of smell and taste, initially, then spreading further. At this time a chef, Michael (played by Ewan McGregor), and a scientist, Susan (played by Eva Green), start a relationship...Overly schmaltzy and a bit dull. While the movie does make some interesting points about the importance of our senses, and maybe lack of importance in terms of relationships, the main theme is purely a basic love story, and I believe that's been done before...Good performances by Ewan McGregor and Eva Green in the lead roles. Some solid support, though Ewen Bremner is irritating.

Ryanaldo B (br) wrote: I wish this movie was more fun... there were maybe one or two deaths that were fun but even then it looked edited and thus all the fun in watching the deaths were taken away... I felt cheated! I was bored throughout most of it. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised... but still... it's nice to have at least a few moments of joy in a horror movie and this lacked it...