The Trouble with Girls

The Trouble with Girls

Chautauqua manager Walter Hale and his loyal business manager struggle to keep their traveling troupe together in small town America.

Chautauqua manager Walter Hale and his loyal business manager struggle to keep their traveling troupe together in small town America. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cody F (gb) wrote: An interesting psychological thriller starring Mackenzie Davis and Catherine Fitzgerald that delves into the jealousy between friends and the roles and expectations of woman in society. The film itself was fine, nothing spectacular.

Vikas N (ag) wrote: Beyond the scope of conventional anticipations Drishyam easily crests the very best thrillers ever to have hit Indian Screens. A narrative devoid of exaggerated shots and melodramatic gloss, this edge of the seat thriller keeps you numb on your knees post the second half. With a fantabulous screenplay, you defntly won't blink an eye. Applauses resonated every subsequent scene. Each frame has been crafted with utmost simplicity and yet absorbs every bit of you although the 160 odd mins.. Personally it did have heavy and disturbing moments, a little too hard for me to take in ?. But again that's what reinforces the concept and the due rationale. Every character, supporting casts, plots and sub plots has been sketched with enough clarity. Fab performances from the entire cast .Shajon and baby ester gives a crackling feat. Dnt want to sound too obvious about our complete actor ?. Though the facts are indeed :P... One of the very few Indian movies whose rights were swept simultaneously by 4 languages in the very first week of release. ! Respect to lalettan and Jeethu! U MADE US PROUD!! :) :)

Braden K (kr) wrote: A unique and original take on the Grimm tale of Snow White (Snow-Drop). The backdrop for this story is traditional Spanish bullfighting, with matadors being the heroics of the time. The film does a great job displaying contrasts between the archetypal goods and evils of the wicked stepmother and snow white. Keep in mind, this is not the fairy tale, word for word. And this is not a fairy tale, for the plot isn't ruled by happily ever after; it's somewhat ambiguous. This film feels like a fusion between the old tale and Spanish magical realism elements, where there is magic, but grounded in a grim, realistic realm. All in all, I enjoyed this film. The absence of dialogue brings some melancholy to the grim themes of abandonment and parental loss addressed by Berger, where music and facial expressions must fuel emotion in the audience. When the film can let out and be cheery, it's whimsical and elegant, nostalgic for a distant time, a long time ago. Highly recommended for the fantasy lover, or the film lover in your heart.

Al H (br) wrote: This is a good clever, sci fi/action film .

Adam T (de) wrote: Great Christian film!

Lee B (br) wrote: This is pretty bad, even for a B-iehn movie (I crack me up. And probably only me). But aside from a really awkward attempt at being a buddy movie with no real chemistry,the action is really plain. Biehn is good, not his great self. And I honestly didn't even notice Faye Dunaway, who I guess was in it according to Flixster was in the movie. The korean guy really shouldn't have tried. Cary is good.But the example is set right from the beginning. The set-up murder in the first scene is plain and leads you into...nothing. But did I mention Michael Biehn is in it?

Erin C (ca) wrote: Beautiful story of friendship and one boy's unwavering faith.

Ben L (es) wrote: Menace II Society is a movie about the dangerous cycle of violence among black men in the ghettos of Los Angeles. It's one of those movies that might cover the subject well, but I felt like I had seen it a dozen times before. It's definitely hard to watch, but not in a thought-provoking or deep way. It almost feels like the movie is telling us "Look how broken their world is, and there is nothing you can do about it." The portrayals feel authentic, and the story seems like something that could actually happen. I didn't enjoy the voice-over because it was needless almost every time it came in. In fact, there were a few moments where the voice-over literally told us what Caine was feeling, and I would think that's the job of the actor to make us see that. The best part of the film was the way they showed some flashbacks of Caine's life growing up, and then had scenes later that echoed back to that past. It worked to connect the dots between the environment he was raised in and who he grew up to become. I think movies like this are necessary, but that doesn't make them enjoyable. I struggled with watching Menace II Society and left it feeling depressed and distraught. Some would applaud the film for impacting the viewer in that way, but I usually seek something more enjoyable in film.

ray h (us) wrote: An excellent Chinese film from 1991. It was directed by Zhang Yimou. Who also made HERO and THE HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS. These were also very good movies. The time period is 1920s China. The story involves the marriage of wife no. 4 to a wealthy Chinese man. There follows much rivalry & intrigue amongst the 4 wives. We never see the face of the husband.The story held my interest. Although there is apparently a lot of sex going on; the film is rated PG. The sex is hinted at; but not depicted in even a remote manner.Wife number 4 is Songlian (Gong Li). She is a very capable actress; and drop-dead gorgeous. Her beauty may have helped hold my interest.The sets and costuming were elaborate and very well done.

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Carlos M (gb) wrote: Robin Williams is excellent, making the most of his improvisation skills and ad-libbing every one of those funny broadcasts (though his frenetic sense of humor may not be for everyone), and it is a great thing that the movie has a lot of heart and understands the complexity of that conflict.

Ivan D (us) wrote: this movie sucks hard