The Trust

The Trust

A pair of cops investigating a drug invasion stumble upon a mysterious bank vault.

Waters and Stone are two corrupt cops working in the police department evidence room who make plans to rob a vault full of drug money in the back of a convenience store. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jen H (it) wrote: Something of a risky movie from Roman Polanski which largely pays off. Devilishly funny and the twists and turns certainly captivate the attention. Emmanuelle Seigner is incredibly enigmatic and charismatic in her role, and Amalric was pulling out his inner Polanski impersonation?

Imon S (ca) wrote: Copy-paste product with a super Prashant Narayanan!

Michael H (mx) wrote: How much is he charming and caring? How much is he manipulative and nefarious? The game of sorting and evaluating motivations wends through a reasonably effective historical drama anchored by strong performances from Alex Brendemhl as Mengele and Florencia Bado as the girl, Lilith. (We also get a bit of gorgeous Argentine scenery.)

Nathan C (mx) wrote: A shoddily made "horror flick" that's actually a bad mash-up of romance and psychological thriller. I wonder how anybody's career survived this dud.Dumb college kids go to a Goth party. A girl and her ex-boyfriend make out in an 'innocent' way. Her boyfriend gets pissed off, she gets her friends into a car accident, and the movie borrows from "Vanilla Sky", "Jacob's Ladder", and "Romeo and Juliet" (its supposed source of inspiration). Is the chick hallucinating? Is all this trouble she's going through really happening? Who cares?Rumor has it, the script was good. Looks awfully messy to me. Either that, or some insidiously haphazard editing made it so that nothing made sense, just for the sake of a PG-13 rating. The "restored" Killer Cut which offered "MOAR 53X!!1!!! MOAR BLOOD AND GOAR!!!!1!! MOAR TERROR!!!1!!1!!!" still didn't bring any clarity. A marketing fail on Artisan Entertainment's part, the same studio which promoted "The Ninth Gate" as an action movie. Enough about that. This is anemic in terms of entertainment value, lacking chemistry, thrills, or even any unintentional humor. None of the younger actors could even act their way out of being a human centipede. With a rather hackneyed twist in an ending that took forever to reach, it's finally placed the final nail in its coffin. Just to add more suffering, you have to go through a lame soundtrack and the least consistent score ever heard. I mean, music you would hear during "Half-Life 2" incorporated into a 'scary, intense' chase scene in a swimming pool complex? No, that does not go there. Don't get me started on those main titles! And I thought "Chained" (a similarly bad, mismarketed film, only from Australia) was bad.However, the only saving grace this film seems to have from it rotting along with the sparkly vampires and fake-CG pups is... Luke Wilson, as the sensitive priest dude. He was alright, doing the best he could with this material. The visual aspect, rancid as it is in the club, is only worth looking at in the reality and dream scenes.Since there is nothing that can redeem this botched-up travesty, "Soul Survivors" is a disaster in every sense of the word. It delivers... a middle finger to horror fans looking for something simple or spooky, a steaming pile of crap to the psychothriller lovers, and virutally nothing for there to appeal to everyone else. This is indeed one of the worst films I've laid my eyes upon.Now, it's time for me to rinse them out so I could eliminate the burn that this travesty has cursed me with.

Brian H (jp) wrote: Even though I havent seen all of the movies it referenced, It was still entertaining

Frank P (br) wrote: An okay Star Trek movie

David E (br) wrote: I remember seeing parts of "Cube" when I was little & was genuinely terrified of the concept of being trapped with (nearly) no way out. "Cube" is one grade-A science fiction horror film about seven strangers who are in a gigantic maze-like cube filled with deadly traps while having to deal issues with each other. With strong acting, unsettling environments, & great direction by Vincenzo Natali, "Cube" is a must-see for horror fans!

Hannah S (de) wrote: This made me cry like a little girl. It's so poignant and fundamental.

alex f (us) wrote: Horrible subject with penn is top notch psycho mode.

Felipe H (mx) wrote: cheesy but entertaining

Mark H (au) wrote: You make sounds like you're a mean little ass-kicker... only I ain't convinced. You keep talking and I'm gonna take your head off.

Petros T (au) wrote: "Hold on, Central, the sky is falling". Victor Salva created an intriguing creature, invested in building tension successfully, didn't hold back on the gore and sprinkled the result with some cool lines as well. "Jeepers Creepers" is not a modern horror classic - it has its clichs, the acting is a little shaky at times and the finale fails to outdo what came before in terms of suspense - but stays comfortably above the lot: it's fun, brisk, dark, exciting, atmospheric, memorable.

Leonard D (de) wrote: Ha! Megan Fox still wanted to be taken seriously! Sorry sweetheart, but you're wasting my time! Josh Brolin looks cool, but, I think I'll pass on this one dude!