The TV Set

The TV Set

As a writer named Mike struggles to shepherd his semi-autobiographical sitcom into development, his vision is slowly eroded by a domineering network executive named Lenny who favors trashy reality programming. The irony, of course, is that every crass suggestion Lenny makes improves the show's response from test audiences and brings the show a step closer to getting on the air.

The story of a TV pilot as it goes through the Network TV process of casting, production and finally airing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris W (us) wrote: could be a real trip

PiaAlina S (es) wrote: great actors, love preity zinta

Jake M (au) wrote: Beetlejuice(1988) - Immerses us into a creepy look at the world of the dead. Tim Burton has always been great at giving us movies that are both scary yet charming at the same time and this is no exception. I love this movie's outlook of what happens after death. It leaves the way for many creative atmospheres and ideas. It also does a great job mixing in Scary with funny and gives the sensation that you're in for some spooky fun. The real star of the show however is "Michael Keaton" as Beetleguese. He brings so much energy to his character he's funny but also very sinister. He steals the show every single time he's on screen. I especially love the look of the character it really makes him look like a drunk green demon. The visuals are so amazing that even to this day they look so impressive. The stop motion effects are so well done as well as the practical effects and the atmospheric environments really do send chills down your spine. Beetlejuice is such a great film and It's one of the films i always look forward to watching every Halloween. (A)

Ryan V (ru) wrote: A beautiful young woman (Meiko Kaji) has been brutally trained from birth to avenge the rape of her mother and the murder of her family. The shifting landscape of early 20th century Japan serves as the backdrop for her blood-soaked quest for vengeance. Derived from the shonen manga by Kazuo Koike and Kazuo Kamimura, Western audiences best know Lady Snowblood for being a core inspiration for Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill movies. While it's easy to draw parallels between the two projects, Lady Snowblood possesses a visceral poetry of its own. This movie's creative (and copious) amounts of bloodletting undoubtedly place it in the grindhouse, but Meiko Kaji's gritty performance and the artful direction of Toshiya Fujita give Lady Snowblood an abundance of color, atmosphere, and composure to go along with the ultraviolence.

Flike S (jp) wrote: Radical poetry. A splendid and powerful piece of cinema.

Cha t (mx) wrote: Great fire disaster scene (Duke almost roasted in this movie). Note: John Wayne hacked and coughed his way through th eproduction and finally had a cancerous lung removed after this movie. (5 packs a day will do it)

Josh T (br) wrote: if anyone else did this but th marx brothers it would have tanked. but they did so that makes it th best comedy i have ever seen. if u ever get th chance to this movie do it no matter wat. in this movie th marx brother r comedic geniuses. their r way better than th tree stooges but the only bad thing is u always hav to pay attention. but overall this movie gets five stars anyday

Kris W (it) wrote: Realeased in 1932, it certainly is dated, and te subtitles are white making them hard to read agaist a ck and white print. That being said, it moves along quick, has s0ome funny moments, and was the inspiration for the much more contemporary 80's classic "Down And out I Beverly Hills". Chlo Anne Marie, la bonne: Why have a piano if no one plays it? douard Lestingois: Even so, we have a piano because we are respectable people. douard Lestingois: The man who spits in Balzac's "Physiology of Marriage" is less than nothing to me. Priape Boudu: Who is that man? douard Lestingois: Ask my wife.

Scott W (gb) wrote: I would recommend it. Very good and popular actors having fun. Light and fun film. Especially for a me, being with a family in the suburbs like this couple... Gets a little long in the third act, but all in all pretty good.. some laughs... 3.5 or 4 stars... mostly based on cast too....

Jaime W (ag) wrote: I love Steve Carell and his movies. I love this movie. This is another one I get teased for liking so much. Again, that could just mean I relate too much to the schmucks.

Sam M (gb) wrote: More about the visuals than the fairly messy screenplay and story.

Troy K (br) wrote: Surprisingly good. Yes it's cheesy with 80's style effects, but it has good story, some genuine laughs and some quality creepiness and scares.

Filipe C (kr) wrote: It shows potential throughout and entertains thanks to its lively cast and down-to-earth mishaps, but ultimately falls short of being a well-rounded, significant and complete film about the struggles of teenagers.