The Ultimate Attraction

The Ultimate Attraction

The "Body Beautiful" Gym is ongoing some cash flow problems. In order to prevent it from going broke, and losing their jobs, two employees plan to use the "click" device (if you haven't seen any other episode in this series: some sort of remote control that "turns on" the one who is pointed at) to make things a little bit hotter, to promote the place.

The "Clicker," based upon the comic book of Milo Manara, falls (literally) into the hands of Linda and Ben who use it to save the Spa at which they work. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris H (kr) wrote: Don't be fouled by the cover it's not a Ray Winstone movie. I did he only in a couple of scenes.

Trey D (gb) wrote: Not bad for a LEGO movie, I really enjoyed this one!

Jonathan B (au) wrote: very very good movie

Dana W (us) wrote: this was sooooo slow!

Hugo C (gb) wrote: a good film about a schoolboy walking out of closet!

Billy N (br) wrote: great action...very funny movie

Stephen C (fr) wrote: "I dont take sides,i take pictures" Vastly underated 80s movie ,that probably got caught in the slip stream of Salvador and the Killing Fields which is a real shame as this film is just as good as those 2 films. Nick Nolte is excellent a photo jourmnalist working in Nicaragua during the civil war in 1979 who gives us the above statement but towards the end of the film has to take a side in order to get a story. Gene Hackman plays Noltes boss and Love rival and of course being Gene Hackman he is excellent in the role. Joanna Cassidy(what Happened to her?) is great as the woman in both mens lives. What helps here is the script by future director Ron Shelton never lets the love triangle element get in the way ofthe overall political story. Roger Spootiswoode keeps every thing moving along briskly and the supporting cast of Ed Harris ,ricahrd Masur and a suitably shady Jean Louis Trinigant all add to the films power. Jerry Goldsmiths score is one of his best and the films message is still relevant to todays global situations. Do your self a favour an rediscover this 80s gem

Lori B (mx) wrote: Lovely way to spend an evening.

Jon H (jp) wrote: Great film damaged by a seriously stupid ending.

Scott C (it) wrote: This movie made me lose a whopping amount of respect for Renny Harlin. Come on Renny, get back to making great movies!

Clint S (br) wrote: The dated, over-the-top aspects eventually dissipate, leaving something which is... Quite decent.Phone Booth tells the story of a PR man (Colin Farrell), who is made to confront the his bravado, by an anonymous, seemingly all-knowing phone booth caller (Keifer Sutherland). Short and snappy, the film offers a so-so, predictable plot, but has a great cast that keeps the film from failing. It ends just when it should and never gets boring. You could describe it as thrilling. Which is good... Considering this is a thriller.To delve deeper. From the start, this film is dated. It isn't that old, but it does feel like a product of its time, and that isn't just because it is set in a phone box either. Something about the over-the-top thrill of this film, makes me know that this is a film. I want to be put inside a thriller. A film will lose me if it makes itself clear that it is a film. That isn't great for a thriller. The story of this film is also an issue. Not that it is awful, but it isn't new. It follows the model of any other typical thriller. It never quite tricks you. However, this one is more about Farrell's character and his understanding of his own issues. Which is interesting, rather than being thrilling. There is a part in all of us (especially the British), that wants those type of posers to finally recognize themselves. I think what makes that good is the fact that Farrell plays the degradation so well, rather than plot-lines. It wants to be intelligent, but isn't. Yet, it is interesting and thrilling. That's what matters in the end.As previously mentioned, Colin Farrell stars. I admit that at first, all I could do was concentrate on Farrell's acquired accent for this film. His character almost becomes Irish, but he just holds it together, and eventually you're engrossed in his character and the film as a whole. Sutherland plays the phone box caller. A vigilante on those personality traits that really get on the nerves of ordinary people. He completes a great performance with more-or-less just his voice. This does contribute a lot to the over-the-top thriller feel of the film. A deep, dark voice echoing through the telephone adds to, yet subtracts in an odd way. On one hand you have it being menacing, and on the other, you have it being cliched and too much. It rides an ever so thin line to becoming too much, but I would side with it adding more to the thrill of the film, in the end. So, Farrell and Sutherland have it almost on lock. Sprinkle in Forest Whitaker as a policeman in the middle, not quite understanding the whole situation, and you have a great triple-set of performances.It really is the performances, that keep this film from slipping into lackluster territory. This is a good, solid film and is well worth a watch. Ignore the slightly out of date feel of this one and you should be fine. Don't be going to watch this thinking this will be some heavily intriguing thriller though. It isn't. Look at this one as typical, and you will enjoy yourself. Its pitfalls are well covered by the actors, equaling to a very-enjoyable film.

John N (ag) wrote: Like Deathly Hallows Part 2, this is just a lot of pay-off. But man is it satisfying. This is a great conclusion to Peter Jackson's universe with all the creativity and stellar sequences I'd expect from him.