The Undying

The Undying

Seduced by the ghost of a Civil War soldier, Barbara Haughton creates a love that is undying.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Seduced by the ghost of a Civil War soldier, Barbara Haughton creates a love that is undying. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Undying torrent reviews

Tim A (fr) wrote: A good historical representation with a stand out performance from James Macavoy but a little slow.

Alun D (de) wrote: I think this is almost as underappreciated as 'The Missouri Breaks'. Brando's Matt Fletcher seems both tired and vengeful, but the main acting dibs go to John Saon as the leader of the pilfering Mexican bandits. The arm wrestling scene steeals the movie, although the final shoot-out is pretty spectacular too.

Kym c my community profile R (kr) wrote: This is another B movie Schlock fest from the Troma studio. Its silly, stupid & Lloyd Kaufman (the guy that usually comes on in the beginning of the movies) plays a Blind director. Tehre?s a serial Killer on the loose & the movie crew is dropping left & right. Well as usual the gore is up there, the boobs are there & LMAO there?s one silicone slut that well. Mm how can I put this? she got upgraded, then downgraded! Lol?This was at least funny. I do love the B-movie scholock on the occasion. B

Jim C (fr) wrote: It started strangely, went weird in the middle, then took an odd turn at the very end. all in all I want my 3 dollars back.And to hell with the aspca, we're going to actually behead a chicken onscreen! I guess the aspca has no feelings for chickens...

James H (nl) wrote: Impressively filmed. The cinematography is great and the costumes are wonderful. Judy Davis gives a wonderful performance. I did however find it rather tedious and talky. It bored me through a few stretches, but overall a fine film.

Thomas B (ru) wrote: A good movie that's well acted by father and daughter team (Ryan and Tatum O,Neil). It's filmed in black and white , which adds to the 1930's feel of the film.

Pascal S (fr) wrote: unbon p'tit polar frenchie bien tendu, bien rythm (tout ce qui manque dans le cinma actuellement quoi!) bonnes cascades l'ancienne, quelques petits dfauts certes mais cela fait tout le charme de cette "srie b franaise" du cinma bricolage que j'aime!

Darwin K (it) wrote: the religious & social undertones r unmistakable 4 this off beat sci-fi fantasy.

Herb S (kr) wrote: I never thought there could be a boring hit-man movie; this is the one.