The Uninvited Guest

The Uninvited Guest

What if ... you let a stranger into your house to use your phone, but while you've been patiently waiting in the kitchen, he just disappears ... or does he? Félix, an architect who has just split up with his girl-friend and inhabits a huge mansion in Barcelona, finds out how many hiding places there really are in his house. But are there enough to hide another person, a strange parasite of living space? Or is Félix really going insane?

What if ... you let a stranger into your house to use your phone, but while you've been patiently waiting in the kitchen, he just disappears ... or does he? Félix, an architect who has just... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle W (ru) wrote: This movie has all the potential to be great... a combination of Paranormal Activity and The Amityville Horror, count me in! Unfortunately it is hampered by horrendously bad acting and gaping plot holes.To recap roughly the first ten minutes of the film, the realtor showing the Benson family the house randomly dies in the driveway and nobody is bothered by it. The following day when the family is moving in, one of the movers falls down the steps and gets crushed by a cardboard box. Once again nobody seems all that bothered by this. As a matter of fact the father responds by saying 'these sorts of things happen all the time"It is really a shame how little attention to detail has been given and how low of quality the acting is. Because there actually are scenes that could have worked, had they not been utterly ruined by the acting.

Apoorva J (ru) wrote: Shaky storyline, unspectacular action scenes, and it's much too long. However, seeing as it's a bolywood film, it really is much better than a lot that I've seen.. With the added bonus that they only burst out into song and dance once.

Andrew R (mx) wrote: perfect film about a city coping after a major terror attack. I feel the usa would do well adapting this film to 9/11

John F (nl) wrote: A surreal drama about a beatiful benefit of growing older: you can find more women beatiful - from Olivia Thirlby to Barbara Hershey. As challenging as it is, its also likable thanks to its lead Otto Tausig.

The Real D (us) wrote: [font=Century Gothic][size=4][color=white] I was shocked at how well done this movie was. Realisic too. I did find that the way the women acted over Jame's character was a bit much. The reactions were more lik you or i would act. No one fell while running..hmmmm The plot line was good...the ending was a bit corny, but overall...not bad[/color][/size][/font]

Jey A (ag) wrote: Why not Day Hunter? I hope they explain that in the film...

E R (fr) wrote: no se cual fue la que vi o.o'

Jared W (it) wrote: The best Canadian director ever, this is a low-budget movie with a hilariously dark story.

Jennifer A (kr) wrote: With seminal films like "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Amadeus" on his resume, "Ragtime" may seem like a minor blip. Obviously it doesn't have the rabid following of his more celebrated films but "Ragtime" is a solid addition nonetheless. And it also serves as the Swan Song for screen legend James Cagney. Ragtime (1981) - 7.5/10 Director - Milos Forman Starring - Brad Dourif, Elizabeth McGovern, James Cagney, Howard Rollins Jr., Moses Gunn, Pat O'Brien, Mary Steenburgen, Jeff Daniels, Debbie Allen, Mandy Patinkin. Ragtime is set in turn-of-the-century New York City and the story revolves around several families of different social classes and ethnicity. Worlds collide and people are foced to pick up the pieces in an ever-changing America. The most prominent storyline revolves around Howard Rollins Jr., a black man on a quest for justice after his car is destroyed by a racist fire chief. The film also features James Cagney, who came out of a 20 year retirement to make one last film. With so many characters and overlapping storylines it may be too tedious or confusing for most audiences, but the acting is superb and the film was thought-provoking enough to hold my interest. It may not be classic Milos Forman, but it's still pretty good.

Paul T (us) wrote: In terms of movie-making, you could rip this film to shreds, but in terms of the raw elements of male bonding and enduring friendship that this film manages to capture, along with some of the mythical elements of the elusive 'search for the killer break', Big Wednesday is a winner. It has also held up well over time... offering both a nostalgic look back, and an effective and affecting 'slice of surf life' circa 1960s to 1970s.

Eamonn D (fr) wrote: A hard movie to watch, Penn was excellent

Hannah K (mx) wrote: My absolute favorite Jim Carrey movie.

Johnny L (br) wrote: Only watches because it was best picture...,but a solid flick

Ariel H (br) wrote: Pretty good time killer. But this film just reaffirmed my belief that James Franco can't act.

Nick L (br) wrote: "A brisk, twisty, and atmospheric science-fiction thriller that piques the imagination and the senses with the low-rent exuberance of fifties drive-in classics." Never a point that I fully figured out where the film was going, that sense of mystery was enough to keep me engrossed. The ending, I should rewatch. 7.75/10

bill k (ca) wrote: This is vintage Michael Moore - campy, fun, interesting, disturbing and prophetic!It frames in filmed documentary form how far America has lagged in education and cultural/social benefits relative to European, Scandinavian and even north African countries like TuTunesia. He posits that spending inordinate amounts on defense has set us far behind the other countries he visits and interviews local citizens, educators and students.We found this a very engaging film. We wish our kids had time to view it! Too busy.