The Unkindness of Ravens

The Unkindness of Ravens

A homeless veteran battles to survive against his demons in the remote Highlands of Scotland

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chris a (au) wrote: the over the top violence makes for some great scenes but the overall appeal is not existent as the plot is super thin, the acting non existent, and characters there with no meaning (aka Lundgren). Thankfully, hopefully the series is finished.

Mirror (nl) wrote: I liked the concept.

Cheewai L (gb) wrote: Watch alone if sand gets into your eyes easily.

Timothy S (fr) wrote: After so many years in the business, you have to believe that Steve Martin has experienced every kind of shady dealings and problematic shoots one can imagine. With the film "Bowfinger," he gets a chance to pour all of that experience into the single funniest screenplay he's ever written, a smart and hilarious spoof of the entire movie-making process.The premise is about making a movie where the star doesn't know they're in a movie is based on an apparently real-life incident in the 1920's, but Martin works it into pure comedy gold. It's a resurgence for the actor, a return to form after a decade of flops and serious dramas that misfired, and Martin gives his best performance in years.And then there's Eddie Murphy, whose career has had more ups and downs that perhaps almost anyone, at the top of his game here. He plays himself, and his twin brother, but it's wonderful without all the gimmicks, make-up and fat suits. He's great in both roles, some of the best work he's ever done partly because the script brings out the best in him but mostly because this project is such a perfect fit for his comic gifts.There are a number of wonderful, laugh-out-loud moments here, most notably Murphy's scene on a very busy freeway and Martin quite literally rounding up his cameramen, but the film is genial rather than mean-spirited. Industry people will laugh knowingly, but it's definitely accessible to laypeople as well. "Bowfinger" is as clever as movies get, a riotous and good-hearted spoof with two very funny lead performances.

Jon D (ag) wrote: Possibly my favorite Daronofsky film so far. Leaves the viewer with lots to think about without the emotional burden of Requiem for a Dream

Tallis M (fr) wrote: An amusing movie; delving into a relatively taboo subject in a humerous manner. And of course, Turner looks absolutely gorgeous. A movie I think is underrated

Milla H (es) wrote: Shah Rukh Khan was cool and evil in Don, pathetic and evil in Darr, sad and evil in Baazigar. In Anjaam however, he is just plain evil. And I love it. He is fantastic as the psychopat, Vijay, who usually gets what he wants, and if he doesn`t, he destroys it. So when he falls in love with Shivani and she doesn`t want him....

Ian H (it) wrote: Bergin 'eats up ALL the scenery' in this over-blown melodrama. Cringe making.

Joseph E (fr) wrote: I saw this when a friend let me watch some burnt dvd's he had. I noticed it said "Gene Hackman" and "Danny Glover", so I put "Bat 21" in my DVD player. I was in for a major suprise. An unheard of Movie Special! This film is so AMAZING. I have underestimated myself, and have learned to give some unheard of movies a try. This film is sheer Moviegoing-Bliss. Pure Action-War Entertainment.

Sheila C (de) wrote: Entertaining romp through west starring Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda

Matt G (jp) wrote: Conversation within my own brain every time I watch this: (15 MINUTES IN)Brain 1: "Say, this movie's really fun!" Brain 2: "Yeah, super whimsical. Wish I could start an inn like this." (30 MINUTES IN)Brain 1: "I could watch Crosby and Astaire dance and banter all day." Brain 2: "Absolutely! I don't know why this isn't as perennial a classic as White Christmas." Brain 1: "I know, right?!" (45 MINUTES IN) Brain 1: "Um... is literally EVERY SINGLE PERSON in this scene in blackface?" Brain 2:"...Lets not talk about that." (AT THE END) Brain 2: "That movie is great! Not a thing about it should be changed!" Brain1: "Yeah! Wait...wasn't there something racist...." Brain 2: "I SAID DON'T TALK ABOUT THAT!"