The Unsuspected

The Unsuspected

A girl has been murdered. A woman cannot remember a man who claims to be her husband. Her uncle hosts a radio murder mystery show called "The Unsuspected". Who killed the girl? Why? And who is this mystery husband?

The secretary of an affably suave radio mystery host mysteriously commits suicide after his wealthy young niece disappears. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Unsuspected torrent reviews

Matthew R (ru) wrote: An interesting and fun film.

Chris B (ca) wrote: Great cinematography and style. Low budget shows in parts, but is enjoyable for what it is.

Anansha R (br) wrote: I'm in denial. I refuse to believe that someone, in all sincerity, can make a movie like 'phoonk' for a literate audience and hope to get away with it. Ram Gopal Varma belongs in an asylum.

Kenny N (us) wrote: Everybody, from film fanatics to casual moviegoers, seems to love this movie. I've not heard anyone say one bad word about anything in this semi-masterpiece. Don't come to this film looking for any type of a laugh: Williams performance is completely bereft of comedy, as it should be. The film is written and shot beautifully: like one of the perfect pictures Sy has devoted his life to developing. Sy has been compared to Travis Bickle, a lonely man whose attempts to be "a person, like other people" fail miserably and result in him taking drastic action to right what he sees as a societal wrong. The tearful monologue at the end of the film is the single finest piece of acting Williams ever performed. It makes me really miss him. And movies like this. When watching this, prepare to be disturbed, because, as this film shows, you never know who might be watching YOU.

John C (kr) wrote: Worth watching. Last 20 minutes drags but overall not bad. We all know people like this family. Return of Carl in special features is fun, as is John Prine.

Keith M (us) wrote: an interesting documentary but a bit too one sided for me.

Jed G (ru) wrote: A thoughtful and inventive foreign film.

Gena D (gb) wrote: Another one that I don't understand the low ratings. It wasn't a bad movie. :)

Randy T (es) wrote: Edgy, but in a polite, British sort of way. Bob Hoskins is absolutely spot-on (as usual).

Michael S (jp) wrote: Irene Dunne proved that she was as fine a dramatic actress as anybody in this moving classic.

Mge A (ca) wrote: Nicolas Cage is ugly, alright? And he is not supposed to be an angel from the sky.. Everybody agrees with it? Ok..

Rob L (fr) wrote: Pretty good performance by Baldwin and Leigh. The movie itself though is drawn out and a little slow. Could have used a little more action.

Scott R (ca) wrote: Addressing corruption in NYC nypd.

Mark A (ru) wrote: Great cast, amazing cinematography and a story that keeps you on edge. I loved it!