The Untouchable

The Untouchable

After learning from her mother that her father lives in India, a young woman goes there to meet him for the first time.

On the day she celebrates her birthday, Jeanne, a young actress, is told by her mother her father is an Indian she once met on the banks on the river Ganges. From then on, Jeanne acts with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nate T (ca) wrote: The actors do their best but the script and poor direction still kill it. Nice twist at the end of the film though.

Andrejs P (br) wrote: Very entertaining movie from start to finish. Some nice plot twists along the way. There was one "ok is this guy really doing this" moment in the film. Expect the unexpected......

Charlie S (de) wrote: Ugh, Tarantino appropriating other cultures to provide over-saturated colour and 'substance' for his self-indulgent violence-bent. The same old actors, brilliant as they are, are caged by the director-producer-writer-control-freak's total lack of imagination and need to use as many other people's (and cultures') ideas as possible, so as to hide the fact that he has absolutely nothing to add to the industry or to humankind in general.

Bruce s (us) wrote: grate film / read the preview b4 u get it out on DVD ,u need 2 know what the film is about b4 u see

Anthony C (de) wrote: Itlian horror legend Umberto Lenzi(Cannibal Ferox) brings us Ghosthouse the unifocial evil dead 3. The movie starts out pretty good bt then kinda gets very strange. It at times has laughablly bad acting but also some good creppy moments. The italian atosphere separtes it from other ghost story films. overall its a decent horror film worth a look if your into itlain horror.

Carol Ann M (gb) wrote: A bit different but a good movie.

Janetta B (de) wrote: This is Matt Dillons First movie, I saw them all I just thought he was da' bomb....It's a good flick, the dude in he shades always watching the circles is my fave.....

Vickie T (de) wrote: Remembered this movie from my childhood and it always stuck with me. Finally found it again.

Eric W (es) wrote: A good film from the Curly Era.

Jrmie A (ag) wrote: Stupid and stereotyped movie. Boring as hell, most overrated movie of all time. 3 hours and 14 minutes wasted, better use this time to watch The Return Of The King.