The Up in Smoke Tour

The Up in Smoke Tour

The Up in Smoke Tour is a West Coast hip hop tour in 2000 featuring artists Ice Cube, Eminem, Proof, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Nate Dogg, Kurupt, D12, MC Ren, Westside Connection, Mel-Man, Tha Eastsidaz, Doggy's Angels, Devin The Dude, Warren G, TQ, Truth Hurts and Xzibit.

This is it! Your front row seat to the greatest hip hop experience ever captured on film. This is the ultimate back stage pass for your total pleasure. "Up In Smoke" is it and now you've got it all. Fire it up. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Up in Smoke Tour torrent reviews

Sarah E (us) wrote: Very emotional story wouldn't call it a horror but it was really good! I recommend.

Aaron R (it) wrote: A really disappointing entry into the current indigenous resurgence in Australian cinema with this meandering, one eyed and overly convoluted film that really had the potential to be something magnificent. It's not to say that it's not entertaining - it is. But it just meanders along and with a sense of "in the know" film making, there were moments I felt distanced by the proceedings because I was watching scenes of conversations about topics I knew nothing about. The source of it's problems come from the editing - with sequences in Western Australia joined to sequences in the Northern Territory so seamlessly that, unless you are actually from there, you're going to get confused as to where the hell you are in the film. (That happened to me). Yes it has a great moral and contemporary ethical core to the film - the effects of alcohol on Indigenous Australlians - and it tackles it head on - but we've seen it before in EVERY SINGLE Aboriginal based film in current day outside of BRAN NUE DAE. It's not done badly at all - but this sincerely, could've been so so much more...

Ruhan R (ca) wrote: This movie had an honest enough premise. Chris Pine did a pretty good job of a blind young man who does his best to live a normal life. Because it was a romantic comedy, there were some unavoidably corny moments. I liked how this was one of those rare romantic comedies that wasn't obviously made for the ladies, I didn't feel totally out of place watching this like I do with most films of this genre. There were some funny moments here and there, having a blind protagonist allowed for some interesting scenes. The cast was well put-together, the performances were generally pretty nice. I liked how the plot was divided between the surgery and Danny's search for a girl. It was pretty cool seeing a white-Indian couple for once, that's pretty rare to see in movies. Still, James Keach didn't make this as dramatic as it could have been. I'm sure Christopher Theo had a much deeper feeling in mind when he wrote this, and Keach just did not deliver that seriousness.

Leonard D (us) wrote: Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis are awesome as always, even though the rest of the cast are mediocre at best! Love the noir tone, and the suspenseful moments kept me invested in the world of this graphic novel adaptation! The weakness of this movie, unfortunately, is the story, The Big Fat Kill. I didn't care about that group of hookers, and Rosario Dawson annoyed the crap out of me! And this is Jessica Alba's best film, though it's not saying much, since she's a horrible actress.

Amanda H (es) wrote: I've never seen a direct to DVD Disney "sequel" I liked, so I didn't have high hopes for this one- but actually, it wasn't half bad. It definitely didn't have the same entertainment value as the original, but it's a pretty solid sequel that actually feels like a sequel, and for the most part I enjoyed it.

Hugh R (us) wrote: Quickie Review:Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert once gave this movie two enthusiastic thumbs up. But if you go back and watch their review you'll notice they avoid talking about the script, editing, and story and focus solely on the visuals. Well, there's a reason for that.I'm sorry, but with all due respect to the immensely talented and sorely missed Siskel, Ebert, and Williams, this movie is awful. It is visually stunning and so very creative, but that does not make it a good MOVIE. Not in this form. It has some interesting ideas, but the finished product fails to deliver on nearly every one of them, taking easy outs and weakly wrapping it all in a pretty bow. It groans under its own self importance and lacks the muscle to hold it all in place. When I watched it recently I was astounded to find that the picture I once held in such high regard when I was a teenager was actually a jumbled mess rife with cornball cliches barely hidden beneath a thin veneer of pretty eye-candy. The editing was atrocious, the story was a first draft amateur mess that excused its flaws by barely being one step above "it's all just a dream." The only redeeming factors are the visuals and Williams' acting. He owned every frame, every moment. But let's be honest here, you could get the most talented actor in the world to play out an episode of Honey Boo Boo and that wouldn't make it Shakespeare.Individual scenes, when taken alone and out of context of the movie, are brilliant. As short films in an anthology they may have worked, but strung together the way they were and paced the way they were they come across less like an actual movie and more like someone trying to trick the audience into mistaking a high school student's short story as an epic masterpiece.In the end, the reason this movie was most hard to watch was to see such effort, such craft, being wasted on such a terrible screenplay and burdened by the director's misguided need to play at making an "art house picture."

Draculalover18 l (br) wrote: sounds awesome duuuuuuuuuuude

Gordon C (ca) wrote: Pretty solid. Vintage Redford and Heckman, can't go wrong. Got the Criterion version with enhanced pic quality: amazing.

Ray J (br) wrote: An all time classic. Superbly acted and directed.

Paul C (mx) wrote: Well done black comedy, though it loses half a star because the "drunk" performances in the third act are a bit too much

Kevin M W (gb) wrote: A shoot-em-up (and there's a lot of shooting) with attitude (likewise). Now some might confuse attitude with style, but shooting a gun while pumping your fists like one was throwing punches (unnecessary, duh) is not style. And Antonio Banderas practically does Zoolander's "I'm sooo hot" pout through the whole movie embarrassingly. Luckily Salma Hayek's youth and extravagant DNA save the efforts from total unwatchable-ness. Well that and watching Quentin Tarantino get his head blown clean off.