The Valiant Ones

The Valiant Ones

A righteous husband-and-wife swordfighting duo struggle to protect China from the machinations of Japanese pirates and corrupt officials.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fighting,   martial arts,  

A righteous husband-and-wife swordfighting duo struggle to protect China from the machinations of Japanese pirates and corrupt officials. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kerby H (kr) wrote: Some movies are just so funny that it doesn't matter how stupid they are. This is not that movie.

Steven B (au) wrote: Cute, somewhat formulaic. Cecile de France is adorable

Grant S (gb) wrote: Well-intentioned but badly planned and executed. Script is poor - clumsy and unfocused - and direction is even worse. Writer-director Michael Clancy should have stuck to making this a drama. Instead, he treads the line between comedy and drama, and it fails as both. As a drama it lacks emotional and character depth. As a comedy it's not that funny - most attempts at humour ending up silly rather than funny. Furthermore, the comedy detracts from the drama.All-star cast - Hank Azaria, Zooey Deschanel, Famke Janssen, Rip Torn, Ray Romano, Piper Laurie, Debra Winger - yet even they cannot lift this movie beyond the mundane and inane. Casting Hank Azaria and Zooey Deschanel as father and daughter was odd, as he hardly looks old enough, and isn't old enough, to be her father.Yet despite all this, these aren't the absolute worst thing about the movie. The worst thing about the movie was the twins. Probably the most irritating kids ever to appear in a motion picture (no mean feat, as there have been heaps of irritating kids in films). No wonder Michael Clancy has never written nor directed another movie.

Jim H (nl) wrote: This film's two strengths are the harrowing nature of its subject matter and the rather well-constructed reveal at the end. After all, the concept that a young boy was able to escape a Communist concentration camp and journey as far as he did is rather remarkable.But whereas 127 Hours succeeded in at least reaching for a more expansive theme, I Am David can only retreat to shallow, aphoristic moralizing. Throughout the film, the writers give us benign supporting characters, whose intentions David constantly - but I guess understandably - misinterprets. The filmmakers scream at David throughout that people are basically good, and we're supposed to delight when he listens. Such themes may be inspiring on the Lifetime network, but I for one think the human condition is far more complex than this film gives it credit for.Additionally, Ben Tiller, in the eponymous role, plays one or two notes throughout the film, and even these belie any complexity in his character. I understand that he's young, but check out the level of acting Elijah Wood was able to rise to at a similar age in Radio Flyer or The War, two flawed movies, but Wood is excellent in them.Finally, there is a hint of anti-upper-class bias. Aside from the bully brother, what is the difference between the family and Italy and Joan Plowright's character? Both offer David assistance in seemingly generous, pure ways, but the upper-class family is ultimately rejected without a good explanation.Overall, the film's heart is on its sleeve, but it becomes bogged down in cliche melodrama.

Jeannette G (au) wrote: I absolutely disliked this movie, It was so hard to stay focus. I was bored.

John K (ag) wrote: This movie is a playbook for pedophiles. Tell the little girl that you are an angel and then have her meet you in the middle of town to "Take her to Santa"[Chills]Also, the dad is shot in the chest on xmas eve and the family is poor.Merry Christmas!

Nicco K (nl) wrote: This is a classic movie. No doubt. The story is about a meat head that has an ego that makes you realize why Aliens have not made them selves know to us yet. " there any intelligent beings out there - Because there are none here on planet earth."

Lester Y (gb) wrote: This was pretty awesome. One of the worst prints I have ever seen on a DVD but it still shines through. Well, the flying guillotine is totally badass: the various ways it's used, the richochet-sound it makes, I honestly don't blame Tarantino for ripping off, erm, I mean paying homage. The plot is established early on and then about 90 different fights happen, and unfortunately, it was a couple fights too many, because it went on for way too long and had characters that didn't matter. But the good fights were, again, badass. You got this dude who's a precursor to Dhalsim from Street Fighter, a guy with a hidden knife, a fight atop pieces of bamboo, a guy who takes like a hundred kicks to the balls, and of course the One Armed Boxer and the Flying Guillotine himself. It gets back to being awesome and story-driven after the lengthy tournament Act. The final 20 or so minutes has some genuinely well-crafted cat-and-mouse tension (with the best fight scene in the movie) that literally gets to the resolution 3 seconds before the film ends. And did I mention the great soundtrack? Fun film, see it.

Pete S (mx) wrote: Based on the same book that 'They Live By Night' was, but I enjoyed this version a little more. Both Carradine and Duvall are very likeable.

gerardo r (jp) wrote: An entertaining yarn for film noir fans. It has multiple subplots throughout the entire film. Van Heflin is great to watch as the drunk confidante of Robert Taylor's character. He has the best lines along with Taylor. The plot begins with Johnny as a cab driver checking in with his parole officer. Two young college students run into Johnny as he comes out of his visit and the parole officer ends up introducing them later at an unplanned visit where Taylor and Turner start heating up the screen. Johnny is trying to start up a race track gig with other figures from the underworld, but no judge approves the opening of the track. Johnny comes across as a cold blooded gangster boss that stays focused on the business side with no understanding of suckers that make decisions with no profit in return. Turner starts to get in his head. The final shootout scene is one of the most memorable gangster endings with smoke rising from the manholes, a city train passing above the city, store lights on and a view of New York's bridge in the background. Johnny was the man that could have climbed the mountain, but couldn't find the right one to start.

Alex K (ag) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Matthew H (es) wrote: Disturbia is a pretty good film; it features a solid performance from Shia LaBeouf before he wasn't famous anymore, and is very thrilling at times. The ending is a bit cliched, but the rest of the movie is worth it.

Eric H (jp) wrote: Sit back relax don't expect an Oscar and enjoy the show. think about people making a movie just for the fun of making a silly movie.

Hannah D (jp) wrote: I thought that this was really touching. It's about a young nice-but-dim man who gets a handyman job at a sophisticated woman's house, but after teaching him to read they fall in love. I particularly enjoyed the scenes at his family's house as well. It really had a British feel to it, rather than being set in Australia!