The Valley of the T-Rex

The Valley of the T-Rex


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Shelby L (kr) wrote: Haven't seen it yet.... But I want to!!! I'm a fan of the games (and the book "Dead Space: Martyr") and "Dead Space Downfall" was decent. But from what I've heard, its not to great... I guess I'll have to be the judge!!

Brent C (ru) wrote: Very sweet movie with a pretty odd premise. It all works very well, the characters are likable, has some interesting twists and it keeps the audience wondering how it will all turn out.

Ralph R (ru) wrote: This movie is about as entertaining as watching a lizard learn Italian.

Wes S (ag) wrote: It's a bit strange, but too dull and confusing to be interesting. Some of the scenes are kind of cool, but the plot doesn't make a lick of sense. Too hard to follow, but brain-numbing fun makes Death Machines a slightly memorable experience.

Bethany C (es) wrote: I have to say, I'm really not normally into gross-out horror. But this is so skillfully done, I'm glad I finally got around to watching it. There were quite a few moments I genuinely laughed out loud, so while it wasn't scary (because gross-out isn't scary to me), the combination of gross and comedy was really intelligent.Something else I found intelligent, and I may have been seeing what I wanted to see, were the subtle feminist messages. Stuff like the teenaged girl being the only one in her family to survive because she was able to kill the worm with inherently feminine things, such as a long manicure and a hair straightener. And when the same teenage girl saves the police chief, I thought it was both funny and pointed of the film to make a point of saying the male chief would claim that victory for himself.All in all, despite the weird premise, I didn't find the gore boring and pointless. It was funny, entertaining, and sexual metaphors actually disturbed me a little. Anytime something is done to a woman's body without her consent (including and especially when things are inserted) it reads a metaphor of rape to me, and those always disturb me. It was an excellent movie.

Jeffrey M (de) wrote: Not in the same league as Howard Hawks' masterpiece Rio Bravo, or the excellent El Dorado, Rio Lobo is still an overall good western. The weakness of the overall cast is lifted, as happens often, by Wayne.

Niklas J (ru) wrote: A horrible, horrible bad movie. Many of the main scenes seems more like a joke than a try at a series movie. The only good thing in this movie is the very interesting construction of the inside of the temple but alas this is clouded in darkness.

Pedro R (es) wrote: VERY SMALL SPOILERDownside: Suffers from the same problem as Batman Begins too long and un interesting. Gotham City should have just been called New york. Batman himself only appears in a car chase and then again at the end of the movie, too many scenes without batman make bruce wayne the person your watching through out the movie instead of who we all wanted to watch, Batman! Tom Hardys rendition of Bane is perfect but still seems like just a regular bad guy that wants to see the world go boom. For me i would have like the music to take it down a notch. The orchastra was on crack and just wanted to play loud epic music throughout the entire movie, even when characters are talking, epic music will just start playing for no reason. Upside: The characters, just like casts in the past, great actors all around. Great action (what every high budget movie should have). Great twist. Conclusion: Very solid movie just don't get your hopes up and especially don't compare to the Dark Knight, it won't come close.

Paul D (jp) wrote: This had a decent premise at its core, but it was handled very poorly in its execution. None of the characters were particularly likable, and the ending was just a far fetched mess. It had a moment or two of intrigue, but ultimately, this is nothing special.

Grant K (mx) wrote: Thrillers like this are overdone, but this is with the best in the business in all areas. Well worth your time, and Daniels is magnificent.