The Vampire Family

The Vampire Family

A newspaper sends a young reporter into the Russian countryside to make a nice, sensationalist yarn out of some strange stories going around. Once in the countryside, Igor is accommodated by a peasant family living in the middle of nowhere close to a ruined church. The family is convinced that their dead patriarch will return from the dead as a blood-drinking fiend exactly nine and a half days after his demise.

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Greg B (nl) wrote: I was really liking this movie up until the last 20 mins. or so. It had a good serious tone,and the directing and acting was good. Then the movie falls into silliness. The last act felt like they just ripped it badly from Rambo: First Blood....but not as good. There was one scene that reminded me of when Arnold was getting ready for the final confrontation with Predator, it felt completely taken from Predator. I just wished the movie had kept it's serious tone until the end instead of reducing itself to action movie silliness. Still I was entertained and that deserves 3 stars.

Dino T (ru) wrote: Jihadist satire movie that has some dull moments and awkward jokes. Still the movie succeeds in being funny and satirical more often then not.

Rania A (fr) wrote: A real eye opening documentary showing how the emphasis fast food and snack food companies is impacting on the youth of today and what needs to be done in order to help stop it.

Benjamin B (es) wrote: NOOOOOO SMARTIES, crow you ass fucker, grrrrrrrr, i smiled when you died... r.i.p. smartie :(

Vjekoslav R (kr) wrote: A masterpiece. One of the best romances ever made, IMHO

Patrick G (jp) wrote: damn this movie is fun to watch and some scenes were scary

WS W (it) wrote: Feeling good overall.

Paul M (us) wrote: Very good Western. Glenn Ford is at his hero-level best, and Barbara Stanwyck is deliciously evil.

Brad S (es) wrote: This is a classic film from Robert Rosellini done in his neo-realist period, it also stars Ingrid Bergman in their first film together during which they began their controversial affair. The film is a about a Lithuanian woman who marries a simple Italian man to get out of an Internment camp, and moves to his small hometown the Island of Stromboli. It turns out, this place is worse than the Internment camp for her and thus begins her downward spiral. It's a well made and influential film, but I found it to be a tough watch. Still, it's a must watch for serious film fans for its historical importance.

Jonathan S (es) wrote: Not my favorite Fields flick, but perhaps the weirdest. There's some truly surreal moments (and I wish there were even more) and a pretty solid car chase at the end (of course). I was somewhat disappointed with Margaret Dumont. She actually seems like she knew what was going on. I like her better in the Marx Bros. films where she's always 20 steps behind Groucho.

Andr (gb) wrote: Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Low).First viewing: 18.02.1997

Mohammad Z (nl) wrote: The Arabs look like a bunch of party goofballs and the protagonist is annoying.

Nour S (ag) wrote: The worst film in the history of bad films. No matter how much we loved it as kids, we have to face the fact that we liked all the films we've watched then.Following the mid-eighties martial arts craze, some random Chinese dude who gathered the worst actors he could've found: a shy guy who kicks over and over, a cheesey African who badly imitated MJ, and a Russian who hates girls, made a film combining terrible acting, tremendously stupid story where a Karate proffessional never uses his proffession until the Russian pulls his crush's hair. Overall, on a scale of one to one hundred million, I give it a minus ten.