The Vault

The Vault

The Vault is a reality television show set in the year 2016, where 150 contestants get more than they bargained for.

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Annabelle B (fr) wrote: I like it sooo much************

Suanne S (kr) wrote: Really nice little movie about Canton Ohio, Hoover and High School football A true story with lots of local celebratys including Sam Bourquin and Judge Elum!

Frances H (de) wrote: Some good action scenes, but otherwise rather average.

Rabeea (au) wrote: Awesome movie! At least to keep it realistic enough the accents were done quite well compared to some Indian movies where a Britain born doesn't have a British accent or American born has British accent or a Pakistani person has Indian accent and of course the list goes on. Young Ramchand did a great job! Reminds me of Veer-Zara but that was too unrealistic compared to this piece. Good job Mehreen Jabbar we need more movies like these!

David U (nl) wrote: Thoroughly tense and enjoyable, though at times it seems as if I've seen this film somewhere before.

James M (kr) wrote: Less a sequel, more a remake, with Michael Douglas one again reprising the role of corrupt Wall Street banker, Gordon Gekko and Shia LaBeouf steps into the shoes vacated by Charlie Sheen. The only other difference is the volume of currency, adjusted by inflation. Like the first film, Douglas makes it watchable, but there's little else to write home about.

Dave J (us) wrote: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 (2009) Gallow Walkers WESTERN HORROR/ ACTION Co-written and directed by Andrew Goth, who's been known to make some low budget movies. I don't completely hate this movie, but at the same time I don't think it's all that great either. Although, the influences are quite obvious, it does contain great looking locations as well as cinematography. It's like a low budget horror rendition of the 1971 film, "El Topo" with touches of Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western films particularly "For A Few Dollars More". The start is very blatant but it's basically has the Wesley Snipes character as Aman seeking retribution on the very men he thought he had killed, but had somehow been revived back to life in zombie or ghoulish form. Viewers don't quite understand Aman's motives for going after them as well as hire another gunfighter until the movie is progressing throughout shown in bits n' pieces and by flashbacks. In terms of the action, it's nothing we haven't see before except that there's much more gore scenes and beheadings than the average Western we're familiar with. And for some reason, Snipes as Aman is somewhat similar to the one he was most synonymous for playing on the Blade movies with the only difference that it's based on a Western setting with limited action. The main thing that is really bringing this film down to a negative rating is it's low budget is very evident here. 2 out of 4 stars

Paisit B (it) wrote: DVD, very good movie but was very slow in pacing, still appreciate the great acting especially by Kodi Smit McPhee who should have been nominated best actor. recommended.. give a feel or how difficult some of our lives lucky some of us actually are.

Asif H (au) wrote: Despite a spirited performance by Salman Khan, a poor film.

Brian R (ca) wrote: Dispite mixed reviews I enjoyed watching this picture and again it shows Lee filmmaking skills evident on screen. The cast is great, it is well photograph, it's funny and I especially enjoyed the theme of a guy choosing between being with a light skin woman or a dark skin woman. Mo Betta Blues is a nice transition for Lee who made the masterpiece Do The Right Thing.

Brandon D (ru) wrote: it's a trip crazy movie! !!!!

Matt M (es) wrote: Some transitions are a bit abrupt, but this was entertaining and smartly written/performed. It's a shame it wasn't more successful; I wouldn't mind seeing more movies like this.

Brett P (jp) wrote: One of the most introspective and creative romance films of all time. Phoenix and Johansson are in top form, while Jonze's unique direction counterweights hilarity with echoing loneliness.

Tanner M (mx) wrote: A very entertaining, and slightly creepy ghost movie. There is some logic errors like how none of them go to work. Besides that and the cheesy ending this movie certainly is one of the best ghost movies.

Andrew L (us) wrote: A recurring statement I make when talking of the 'new' trilogy is the cardboard acting, & it doesn't come any more obvious than in Episode II. Although it starts to tackle more mature & dramatic storylines than it's predecessor Episode I (Anakin's hot headed nature that leads him to the darkside, heads getting lobed-off, etc) the performances of Portman & Christensen fail to make any of the tender moments between them credible or even bearable to continue viewing. Even though the events of the film set the stage for the following episodes (i.e. shows us where the storm troopers came from), it is ultimately a rather pointless edition in the series.

Robert K (it) wrote: Excellent show. Whoever thinks Jeremy Irons voice detracted from the film is a little nuts.