The Vengeance of She

The Vengeance of She

Beautiful young European girl, Carol, is possessed by the spirit of Ayesha – “She, who must be obeyed” – and led to the lost city of Kuma, where she is destined to become queen.

A beautiful young European girl, Carol, is taken over by the spirit of mysterious Ayesha, queen of the lost city of Kuma. Carol is taken to Kuma to succeed the almost-immortal Ayesha as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jovito D (us) wrote: I wish there will be more films like this that will be featured in the Metro Manila Film Festival this year and the coming years. although the plot is simple, yet the main casts showed a more mature acting prowess that we sorely missed in the Philippine cinema. Four Sisters and a Wedding is a film that makes you laugh, cry, and sympathize with the characters who try to accept and confront their own demons and confront each other's imperfection with openness of heart and a more profound understanding of the dynamics within the family. It may or may not have happened in real life, but it tells us the possibility of forgiveness when there is a real hunger for unity and acceptance of individual differences and the beauty and richness that such differences could bring to us. I am impressed by the actors on how engaged they were with their respective role and for bringing the characters into life. mabuhay po kayong lahat and congratulations to Star Cinema for a job well done! god bless!

David S (kr) wrote: These found footage films are so hit or miss, this one wasn't too bad. It doesn't bring anything new really besides a road trip aspect of it. It pretty much is self explanatory. I wish the ending was a bit better, but it's a quick one, nothing special

Rhiann P (us) wrote: Honestly such an amazing film. Never known comedy and tragedy to be so closely entwined that you'll be welling-up with sadness one moment, and ten seconds later be laughing. Fabulous acting, particularly from Benedict.

Victor M (au) wrote: If you enjoy the music of deep forest you will love this film.

Sverine F (kr) wrote: Assez divertissant...

Heith P (mx) wrote: Instantly one of my favorite movies of all time.

Jess L (gb) wrote: For a film with so many recognisable actors this film fell flat - nothing to blame for that except the screenplay

KJ Q (us) wrote: Dear god what is this?! The first movie was great because of the love tone and a sad tone but this, they weren't even trying, not at all!!!!!!!! This movie is too dumb on so many levels. Why can't this film be like the first?!! What were they thinking????!!!!!?!!!! This movie sucks and it's unwatchable!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaleb S (gb) wrote: This movie is gorgeous. Every frame is certainly a painting, and I'm glad I saved this to be the final theatrically released Kubrick film for me. A must watch.

Anthony S (jp) wrote: I thought Gable and Spencer Tracy had good chemistry and Tracy is especially fantastic. It's obvious Tracy is a better actor but Gable is great in chewing up the screen.

Private U (mx) wrote: The perfect murder? Dean Stockwell is great. A little long winded speech at the end by Welles kills a bit of the impact at the end still worth watching.

Graham L (it) wrote: Quite an interesting, if not rather dated movie which did keep you guessing to a degree. Doris Day probably over-acted a bit at times, but over all it was worth watching.

Anna I (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movies!!!

Yeshaya A (ag) wrote: Breathtaking. Blew me away. You feel like you're watching a kind of film you've never seen before. Revolutionary.