The Vertical Ray of the Sun

The Vertical Ray of the Sun

Hanoi comes across almost picture-perfect in director Tran Anh Hung's beautiful, elegiac tale about the lives and loves of three Vietnamese sisters. A mood characteristic of Hung's films is set early on with the vivid sounds of birds, insects and water and the way the lighting enhances the subtle use of color. They all combine to gem-like effect here.

With the brilliant Vietnamese summer as a setting Vertical Ray of the Sun is beautiful from beginning to end. The plot centres around three sisters, two of whom are happily married (or so ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johan N (ca) wrote: Very nice photo and scenery!

Thomas K (jp) wrote: It never really comes together for me but Banderas is, nevertheless, pretty terrific.

Jessica H (jp) wrote: Evil has always been a huge theme in films, but now there is a force of good that blows the omen out of the water. Too bad the film does not take it that little bit futher.

Josh T (br) wrote: A worthy sequel to its predecessor.

Ruhan R (fr) wrote: Homosexuality was a pretty hot button topic even back in '94, so I gotta give props to David Stevens for having a gay protagonist. I really liked how this movie incorporated gay romance and middle-aged romance, two themes that are uncommon in film. All of the performers did stupendous jobs in their respective roles, but some more intricate dialogue would have helped out. I thought that the flashbacks were pretty well used, particularly the ones about the lesbian grandmother and her lover. The one where they were separated was the most powerful. At first I wasn't too confident in the breaking of the fourth wall, but it proved to be a good way for the characters to voice their thoughts and concerns, it was especially helpful for Harry after he had his stroke. Out of all of the various relationships in this movie, the most heart-warming was the undying loyalty between Jeff and Harry. It was a good way to contrast tolerance and intolerance by comparing it to Greg's father. I'm usually not amazed by films that revolve solely around human relationships and this was no exception, but I really respect the themes behind this movie and it did a decent job of entertaining me.

bill s (gb) wrote: There is humor here although it is strained.

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Amanda F (jp) wrote: "this is not china!" --quote from the movie

Jim Y (au) wrote: Not the one from the 90s. This is THE REAL THING. Great color footage.

Elgan D (ca) wrote: Richard Gere has never been held in particularly high regard as actor but here he is perfectly cast as ageing hedge fund magnate who's life quickly unravels. A well written script with plenty of drama but the climax is a little weak.

Tor M (us) wrote: As an elder couple prepare for their wedding anniversary. They live a relaxed life in a quiet place in the UK. It's a slow and simple film, with a slowly evolving story - reaching a rather great high. Great acting from the two leads and there is mostly them we see on screen.It looks good and I felt it as a light "Amour" film. Not very dramatic but filled with realness and emotion.8 out of 10 ukuleles.